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Days: 148.3
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Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100
Oct 15, 9:44 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 9
Tsuki ga Kirei
Tsuki ga Kirei
Oct 15, 3:38 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season
Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season
Oct 15, 3:37 PM
On-Hold 6/25 · Scored 9
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Days: 13.7
Mean Score: 8.33
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  • Chapters2,474
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One Piece
One Piece
Sep 30, 11:13 AM
Reading 880/? · Scored 10
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Nov 19, 2016 1:36 PM
Completed 64/64 · Scored 9
Aug 4, 2016 8:51 PM
Completed 229/229 · Scored 8


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PirateNinjaJ Sep 6, 3:41 AM
You are quite welcome! Yes it is im on episode 5 of ippo & it's great so far!
tsog Aug 8, 5:35 PM
But I feel for you having to reply to multiple people. That really sucks from what I remember.
Oh no, nowadays I get fewer replies and it's making me want to reply less. Like a double knock-on effect.

They are both shows where "shit hits the fan" and things become really exciting.
Well I watched like 8 episodes of Re:Zero and "shit hit the fan" but only in a bad way lol

And dare I say Re:Zero was even more bland than what I remembered of S;G

Oh well, you don't have to reply about these 2 anime again.
Well I was gonna loop in NGNL as well but oops :P

Just need to clarify, you didn't get to the parts where you see the other side of Rem after Subaru gains her trust and they go through some really fucked up shit.
I spoiled it. Still didn't interest me. Unlike CG, which I spoiled to hell and back and still loved it as I watched it.

Maybe I'm just older, is all.

Yes, I do like psycho crazy sadistic chicks sometimes
Me too!!! I thought Yuno Gasai was like the second most interesting character after Lelouch, and OF COURSE Kurumi is best girl and everyone else is just distraction.

And remember Koko is Loco? *checks your list* Well you should watch it some time

I have the first 2 episodes of WEE, just haven't gotten around to them yet but hearing you praise it makes it more enticing. The fact that the story heavily revolves around economy had me hyped since I love Spice and Wolf!
Yeah I finally finished episode 1. Ending could've been better, ditto with characters, but this would be the story I point to as an example of living on the moon. In some sense it's kinda like NagiAsu, but much more well-thought out. There are reasons for lots of things.

I was gonna recommend (but I see it is already on your wishlist) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I think you would enjoy very much. It focuses a lot on world building from the get go and fleshes out every main character and almost all of them are very likeable! I have only played the first 10 hours or so on Vita though (was busy with college at the time) but always wanted to get back to it. Hopefully, it has a nice discount during the winter sale or something.
TBH I only added it to see Alisa lololol

Too many games in my backlog sadly. My priorities are to play every single Tsunako RPG, and others come as they may. Would play the Fate/Extella game too but it's way too expensive for what seems to be sub-console level quality.

I'm also waiting on the GPD Win 2 cuz I love the form factor but the first gen is way too slow for console ports :/

And time for the quick anime update!
Aww man all the shows I dropped or haven't seen or probably won't ever watch :(

I've been do the same shit, picking up dropped shows and watching other crud. Spring 2017 was a rather weak season. (I keep lying myself I'd be done with anime in half a year and, well, it's three years later).
tsog Jul 17, 9:31 PM
Yeah, this leaving messages thing is like having a penpal back in the days when people wrote physical letters.
Man you are making me feel so old

I feel I gotta wait a little bit for each reply to have more to talk about as well.
I don't know, lately I feel like adding a delay is having the opposite effect; makes me want to reply less and less

Then again maybe I just need a break from all this

Steam versions of the ones on Steam don't have H scenes which is a downer
Yeah I try to download the patches

if it's done in an entertaining and/or thought provoking way
OK I have to stop you there.

When I saw the microwaved banana turned into jelly/phallic symbol I gave up.

So no, what I've seen of S;G (like all 6 episodes of them) could not be construed as entertaining or thought provoking whatsoever.

Rem is the most pure and kindhearted animu girl of all time and is all you need though
Oh so that's what you are into

as for world building, there are other countries and races thrown into the mix later as well
Well I watched 8 episodes, I gave it plenty of chances to do it early on but it couldn't bother. My take is, if your first section is no good, there's near zero chance the rest of the show will be any good.

Questions that I really want the answers to! I've forgotten that is one of the main reasons to be invested in a story.
Absolutely. But hardly anything makes me care that much any more.

Well actually, there is something that makes me care nowadays. VNs.

Surprisingly I'm finding VNs to be more interesting than anime (or maybe not so surprisingly). The focus on literary writing puts an emphasis on dialogue and exposition, which is done better on some of the VNs I've played lately than most anime I've watched. WEE is a good example. The exposition/setting is well thought-out; though the dialogue is a bit deflating at times. Fragment's Note had some of the best dialogue I've read in, well, otaku-oriented romance, even if it's a boilerplate VN made with copyright-free assets.

Also, I just finished Eromanga-sensei and yes it was complete trash. BUT I FUCKING LOVED IT. I don't know why but I was always looking forward to the next episode and I guess I'm just a sucker for imoutos but damn I enjoyed it.
I'll watch it soon enough, not that I'm looking forward to it given OreImo and all.

Yeah I ain't got the time to play MMOs, nowadays I'm pretty lazy and would rather play linear VNs lol. Single player RPGs are about all I can manage.
tsog Jul 6, 10:20 PM
Firefox crashed on me right when I was about to copy everything I typed so far in case of crashing LMFAO I was only halfway through but still annoying xD
Had that happen to me before, it's a habit of mine now to CTRL-A CTRL-C often when typing comments

Do you have Discord?
I made an account though I haven't used it at all

If you have a Discord group I can join that would be cool otherwise feel free to join this one It's just a group of people I've met on MAL that I stayed in contact with in various chat sites throughout the years.
Nice. Maybe I should start using Discord too, but I actually kinda like the non-instant nature of wall posts lol

What are some of your favorite VNs and what are ones you are playing now?
I've only played a dozen or so, you can find them in my VNDB profile

Favorite ones? Hmm.... I guess Stage-Nana's (Narcissu and Ame no Marginal) and the Fragment's Note series

Feel free to add me on Steam as well. I'm AZNsensation24 with a 2B profile pic.
Added you

Yeah, Maid Dragon along with all the other slice of life shows that don't have much of a plot get boring a lot faster now. It's gotta have really hilarious comedy to make it a "favorite" I guess.
Comedy helps, though something real chill like Non Non Biyori or Yama no Susume can be my cup of tea too.

I definitely enjoy a story focused show more with epic climaxes and people dying with emotional moments and mindfucks! Re:Zero is a perfect example of a more recent anime that grabbed me like that. Sad to see you dropped it I think :( It does get more interesting in the 2nd half and shit does indeed hit the fan. The few people I've seen that weren't into it said Subaru was annoying. I thought he was a silly lighthearted guy trying to make the most out of shitty situations but he keeps getting fucked over. It breaks my heart seeing the shit he goes through T_T Betty and Rem make the anime though once you see more about them I suppose.
Sorry man, but shows like Steins;Gate and Re:Zero just make me hate time travel as a plot device even more :/

Re:Zero piled it on by completely neglecting to do any world building, which just pissed me off even more.

I'll leave it off with this I recently heard the full version of this song on a radio and it's funny that it's the OP of Kancolle of all things but the song is pretty savage especially at my favorite part (everything after 2:40). Hope you enjoy :D
Nice. I've heard of the artist before, but haven't had a chance to "deep dive" into anime artists ever since Grooveshark went kaput.
tsog Jul 1, 4:58 PM

Got busy with life, didn't mean to ignore your post

I hope you will forgive me!
Nothing to worry about, life happens, friends more on, I've seen this plenty of times, no harm no foul, actually surprised you are still around :D

Anyways, how the floop are ya?! What are you up to these days?!
Still watching anime, hitting the burnt-out period again

Also trying to play more VNs

And way more into anime art than even anime nowadays

So when I was reading our old messages, I almost cried from the nostalgia of the days when I was first getting into anime and meeting others who were into the same stuff.

Wow, I am so happy too see you are still active on MAL!
Yeah I never left, though I'm hoping to be done with anime for a while. (I've been saying this for year but never happened though haha)

I now work in a boring office job.
Oh that's nice. Doing what?

I am even learning Japanese and have memorized all of the hiragana and katakana (both together are just called "kana").

In the year since we last talked I've actually memorized a lot of kana, from just watching anime and checking out Pixiv and Twitter. I know; I was surprised too when one day I was able to sound out kana in a manga and then make sense of it.

I have somewhat hit a wall now though because I have to learn vocab and kanji (you know the stupid picture characters derived from Chinese that there are thousands of).
Yeah my grammar is still shit, I can recognize words and whatnot but the grammar eludes me.

Kanji is actually rather easy for me to memorize since I'm familiar with Chinese already :P

The sounds though are still a pain because there are way too many different pronunciations of the same kanji

I did a semidrop spree after realizing I'll never have enough time to watch and read everything but I definitely need to drop more.
Welcome to my 2012, lol. I started watching anime heavily around end of 2011 and eventually realized there's way too many of them to watch and started dropping around middle of 2012.

I think my record was over 20 consecutive drops at one point in time. I drop less nowadays though.

I watched Maid Dragon for example and only liked it for the Kanna parts. She is so damn adorable and reminded me of Renge from Non Non Biyori who is probably my favorite loli because she is hilarious and random. I tend to like eccentric characters I guess.
Maid Dragon ended up being disappointing for me, though I can see Kanna <-> Renge

Maid Dragon tried to do some many themes but none stuck with me

Lately (as in the past few years) I have noticed a ton of Japanese music getting deleted off of youtube. Like all my old playlists are rekt.
Yeah, ever since YouTube RED became a thing. The press to monetize access to content made YouTube more aggressive at pulling unauthorized uploads.

And all it does is turn me off of popular music and move to indie via Bandcamp.

I'll throw a song atcha to see if you heard it.
Yup. Remember this song from my Grooveshark days. Man.... what a shame they shutdown T_T

YouTube hasn't pulled this yet? That's a surprise.... I thought they basically pulled all the songs owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

I like the few Tia songs they've done with one of them being Heart Realize as the Noragami ED I believe.
That's the one and only Tia CD I bought lol

Hope you haven't heard at least one of those :3
Well sorry but I've heard all of them already; I did watch both Noragami seasons

It is easier now that we get notifications for comments I see so I WILL FOR SURE SEE once you reply.
I sure hope so

I've actually kinda moved away from Japanese/anime music, don't mind if you introduce me to some good ones though. I've been rather disappointed by anime that I haven't bothered to check out new theme songs anymore.
animelly Jun 18, 4:35 PM
I've been mostly playing on my PS4 and I just barely started playing Nier Automata after a few friends suggested I cosplay as 2B. I'm thinking about it and I haven't gotten far in the game. Besides that, I've been working a lot lately. Saving up to go to AX in two weeks with a few close friends.
I'm glad I found a fan of the anime and the hero I like. And if you did not see God Eater I recommend you watch it anime is not bad I hope to make a second season.If you are not a problem can you recommend some good anime with Romance Genre.Sorry for the bad eng i hope you understand :)
Alphacasso Apr 5, 1:49 PM
nice to meet you!~ i'm more of a manga boy, atm reading Berserk, it starts kinda slow, but gets really good and many plot twist afterwards! i really recommend it
chayama_umi Mar 3, 8:10 PM
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Josue_444 Jun 19, 2016 4:45 PM
thanks young v:
Sheia Mar 21, 2016 10:29 PM
Hello AZNsensation24!
Filipino Anime Lovers Club (FALC) has a new chat room via DISCORD.

Click the image above for chat link.

For more info about DISCORD, kindly refer to this link.

Thanks to @TheBlackBallRoom for the awesome club logo!
lksus Feb 21, 2016 9:25 AM
Oh thanks and nice to meet you ^^
RackZen-Aqeem Feb 20, 2016 5:17 PM
nice to meet you too,that was a awesome anime ,you have a great choose,i just waiting that anime finish so i don have to wait the next episode
tsog Feb 20, 2016 5:10 PM
Sup!!! I guess it's been a while ~

How's it going?
Still battling my way through anime >.>

I been busy working at GameStop while going to college but will be finally graduating in May!
Yay!!! Any plans after graduation?
ScarredBushido Feb 20, 2016 3:27 PM
im not a huge fan of the digimon anime but like pokemon the games always seem really good. so i do plan on getting digimon at one point. i have gravity rush, it is a really good game love the art style and Kat is awesome ahah. hyperdiminsion loving it atm.

yeah people thought this winter season would loving it atm.

For me it's everything except:
Nights of azure
Odin Sphere
Maybe darksouls 3 i want to finish bloodbourne before i get it.
fairy fencer ( have not finished the one on ps3 yet lol )
Aterlier sophie, i brought Alchemist and the art style is beautiful as fuck but it's a bit meh for me lol
Kingdom hearts, i havn't finished the orginal lol.
ni no kuni 2, have not finished the first one.
Ys V111 dont even know what that is lol
Dragon quest XI, never played the series before.

i do not have a vita.

im worried about FF7 remake, i started playing the original and the dialogue seems very risque in the west since we have SWJ bitching about the treatment and sexualization of women in the gaming industry and it makes me MOOOOORE worried about Tifa character design. there is even a fucking pettion to get her boobs smaller...

don't forget gravity ruish 2