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Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO
Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO
Mar 18, 6:13 PM
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Mar 18, 6:08 PM
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Kenja no Mago
Kenja no Mago
Mar 11, 6:26 AM
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Chou yo Hana yo
Chou yo Hana yo
Jun 11, 6:04 PM
Completed 40/40 · Scored 7
Parallel Paradise
Parallel Paradise
Jun 11, 12:27 PM
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Nana to Kaoru
Nana to Kaoru
May 26, 7:40 AM
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Vi- Nov 16, 2018 5:08 PM
Yes! There is! I have an account there as well ^^

Here it is

Hormones is very nice. The yuri is S2. How I wish there was more doramas like Hormones. Well, there is, but not like at the same level. Still, they are not bad, enjoyable (there isn't much, however).
Well, I've never heard of a broken wifi card =P Probably you have to active something on your laptop or using the FN + F(X) hotkey (where "X" is the number of the hotkey of your wifi, for example: here it's F2 for me).

I read them on websites.
As for hentais I use most is hentai2read, and just some times nhentai.

As for non-hentais I use mangakakalot, and somestimes mangapark or kissmanga.

Right now I'm reading a little bit of BRAWLING GO (it's an ecchi/hentai manwha). I had stopped at chapter 120, now I'll read until the last chapter released with sub english, which is chapter 138.

Vi- Nov 14, 2018 10:03 PM
I was writing and by mistake I closed the tab. Fuck. I just wanna.... anyways.. I'm just a little bit mad right now... ><

Indeed Shuumatsu is still airing >< not common for me to read or watch something still airing, but since I'm out of options until the current animes finish their release I decided to start reading even so >< I bet I will forget most of the things when I resume my read, one day.

Haha, I started watching porn since I was very young, very >< nowadays I'm into more h-animes and h-mangas and some times I watch JAV yuris <3 Men are usually into girls having some time together ^^ , though some can't find it fun =(

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai was my first. A friend suggest me in 2014... I just gave it a try because I was doing nth at the time, I was on vacation, so... even if not interested I watched it anyways... and here I'm... addicted to animes and everything else xD

Hm....... ok, here I go. I'll suggest my favorite 2 doramas, and they are (coincidence or not =P) yuri.

(1) LILY FEVER: Korean dorama. Funny yet with some hot/cute moments. 9 episodes 5 min each.
(2) HORMONES: Thai dorama. High school, teens, drama, slice of life, romance, yuri, yaoi, more than one main character (but don't worry, it's well done, since they're somehow all connect - same school) and many other things. 3 Seasons 12-13 episodes each episode about 50 min. Yuri starts just in 2nd season (direct sequel for Season 1).

Both are explicit yuri. No wishy washy yuri. No implicit yuri.
There are some others I could suggest, but since I don't know if you would watch everything or not, I decided to suggest already the best ones (imo, btw) ^^

Hm, there are some h-mangas with happy endings. Actually, if you look for it on hentai2read, you can search for the tag "happy sex". So it will filter just those hentais with happy endings and/or happy moments (not rape, not NTR and/or hard feelings).
Vi- Nov 13, 2018 4:09 PM
No problem ^^

You may come to enjoy Shuumatasu if you're into ecchi and harem. It has a plot. ^^

Exactly! I think that TL-Ru darkness is a huge progress in TL-Ru series, due to various reasons, specially because of some girls (Momo, Mea and etc). I confess that at first, I thought that TL-Ru would be the first harem-ecchi anime that I would see ending in SOLID harem, however it didn't happen. I got disapointed. However, at least it ended up in a "it's not a solid harem, but basically this is ending in harem note", something like that. ^^

Hahaha, what made you make sure of that? About yuri.
If you want, I can suggest you some nice yuri doramas!

By the way, I checked you manga history and you're looking for some lewd mangas lately? ^^
Vi- Nov 10, 2018 7:22 AM
I'm currently reading mangas while I wait for animes to finish airing.

I've just finished Kampfer manga, and it was pretty disappointing specially if you wanted a conclusion after watching the anime (which I did enjoy).

Right now I'm reading "Shuumatsu no Harem", it is yet it is not enjoyable hahaha There is the main character, however, there are some that from time to time becomes the main character. So... that anime being enjoyable will depend which male character is receiving better attention. Unfortunately, the very first main character, and consequently the one that receives more attention, might annoys you because he reminds you of RITO from To Love-Ru >< PS.: It's a harem manga.

I would watch another season of Overlord hoping for it to be like season 1. If I hadn't enjoyed so much season 1, I would probably forget about Overlord. >< Well, let's see what awaits us in a probably S4.
Vi- Nov 7, 2018 3:52 PM
Hahaha, when I'm in a situation of "waiting animes to finish their release so I can start watching", I start to read more mangas and manwhas until then, or I do watch some doramas (although I can't come to find more yuri subbed doramas...=(

By the way, I have a dramalist profile =p do you?

Oh... Overlord... it went from one of the best animes I've watched to one of the worst I've watched. I sincerely don't know what happened. Season 1 I did love, but season 2 and 3....... I don't even know what to say, really. =/ You know when there isn't a specific thing to say about something? That's what is happening to me when it comes to Overlord season 2 and 3... my feeling is just that it was bad and "what happened...? why...?"
In season 3, for example, right after episode 5 or so I had to use the "skip" some seconds hotkey constantly... this is something that I'm not used to do... anyway

Shingeki season 3 was the anime that saved the past season for me, by "saved" I want to mean that it was the anime that I actually enjoyed.
Good that in season 3 didn't have so much gore fanservice as it had in season 2. There is also some "wtf" moments in season 2 which put season 2 as the "worst" among the 3, If I had to choose.

Vi- Nov 5, 2018 6:34 PM
Hi! How you doing ARodz?
Hahaha indeed, we had some healthy share of opinions about some animes back there =P
Hope we can eventually do more ^^
I'm doing good, and you?
Right now I'm waiting for animes to finish airing so I can start watching.
I've been waiting for zange-roku specials and Bikini Warrior specials for months but I'm starting to think that they won't even get subbed?
I didn't have good experience with the animes from the previous season, just enjoyed Shingeki no Kyojin, all the others were so-so or bad (even Steins Gate). Sad =( noooo =(
Vi- Dec 26, 2017 11:07 AM
you're welcome ^^

Vi- Dec 25, 2017 7:16 AM
Oh, mangas are like this one

Mangas you read from right to left.
Manhwas are korean 'mangas', they are usually colored and have some particular characteristics. Also, the reading is from left to right. Normally, where you can find mangas to read, you can also find manhwas.
Oh, meanwhile Manhuas are chinese 'mangas'. I've never read one. They are not so famous as mangas and manhwas.

Light Novels have less drawings, it's like a book, have more written and normally the story is told by one of the characters. It alternates from narrative to dialogues and vice-versa. Sometimes the author draws something just so you can tell how the characters looks or to show you a scene in specific.

I don't know any good website to read Light Novels... LN are less translated than mangas (because it's usually bigger than mangas - more content to translate).
The LNs of Sono Hanabira I read, I read them at a specific website for Sono Hanabira.

Hm, sorry I couldn't indicate you websites to read LN... the way is to go on google and type "read light novels" something like that... it should appear websites for it.

For mangas I usually use mangakakalot,, mangazuki and mangafox.
Vi- Dec 24, 2017 1:09 PM
I see... thanks for the info. =)

I read mangas.... the only LN I've read were just those from Sono Hanabira. ^^
Vi- Dec 24, 2017 8:08 AM
Hello, should I watch Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku?
is it worth? what is your opinion?
It's something you think i would like or that I would get bored?
Vi- Nov 26, 2017 2:22 PM
You should watch TL-Ru if you're into harem and/or ecchis! The MC (Rito) is most of the times painful to watch in a way (when it come to ecchi things), the good thing is that he does good things (helping the girls, cares about them) - he's a good guy. The girls, on the other hand, are worth watching 100%! A lot! Also, TL-Ru has many other things that the ordinary harems/ecchis don't have. It's like a complete harem/ecchi anime.

H.O.T.D is worth watching if you're looking for some action paired with ecchi and a harem. And... how I loved that art and how it's hot those girls.
Unfortunately, the actor died recently, so I don't think we will be getting more of HOTD... the chances were little, now I think the odds got worse -nothing is impossible, though- unless a studio fan of HOTD decides to animate the rest of the manga and do an anime ending for it.

BTW!!! About ISEKAI WA SMARTPHONE, I have just got my reason to give it a 8.... the "wow"/"yes!" factor that was missing happens in episode 11. I think that, things like that are 'important' when it comes to harem animes! Those kisses and one of the girls confessing to him was very nice to see. He isn't totally dense, I think is aware about the girls feelings, but if he were just a little bit more receptive about the girls feelings this would have been wonderful.

Going to watch episode 12. I probably won't bother you again unless something really worth mentioning happen in episode 12 =P. So.... again, thanks for sharing! =)

Vi- Nov 24, 2017 6:39 PM
Going to be sincere, harem is one of the genres I like most - as you can see on my list >< =P
I don't know how to explain... I like the fact of one boy having relationship with more than one girl and all of them being happy like that. Also, the girls are one of the important things that moves a harem anime, so they are mostly all likeable and loveable. I have a thing for girl characters... practically all of them. It's something that can't be explained. Maybe because I'm a 2D lover? Who knows... I'm not sure if that it's the explanation. Haha ^^
But yeah, dense MCs or MCs allergic to girls (as Yuuki Rito from TL-Ru) is hard to watch haha

Oh!! English dub (or portuguese dub)... it's something that I won't dare to do haha sometimes on youtube I come across by chance with english dubbed (or portuguese dubbed) animes... and oh God... I want to close it right now! ><
The japanese seiyuus are really good, in my opinion. They (animes and japanese seiyuus), obviously, combines perfectly. It's not that I can't accept other dubs because I'm a fan of animes or of Japan and etc... it's because indeed they are really... good.

high School of the dead.... I... liked it. =P 7/10. I liked because it gave me action, ecchi....I think that those were the main objectives of the anime, targeted for specific viewers. But I'm aware about its flaws... that's why I gave 7/10 instead of giving it more. But I imagine you, watching it dubbed in english, and being harem and ecchi... specially that you weren't into those tags... that must have been painful haha

Ah, anyway... i talk too much.
I'm really liking Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni....
I'm now starting ep 08 and i'm bending from a 7 to 8/10 =p If it give me something WOW at any moment, especially at the last episodes, I'll probably finish it with a 8/10 =P
Vi- Nov 23, 2017 6:33 PM
Btw, Yumina is so cute >< The girl with a green and a blue eye.
oh well, all the girls are very likeable! This is a very positive factor for a harem anime! S2
Vi- Nov 23, 2017 6:02 PM
Oh... indeed. I hadn't thought about the overpowered matter, many people really dislike that fact.
Hm... I'm indifferent about overpowered MCs as long as they aren't annoying (for example: stuck-up overpowered MCs really irritates me), and the MC here is a good guy, so I liked him.
True, the animation and art are simple ones, it's not something that bad but it isn't good either. Fine-average.
Starting episode 04 right now, if it continue the way it is, it'll probably end with a 7/10 for me...
Ah! There's also the harem thing that people also dislikes...... it can also be one of the things that displeased those people.
Vi- Nov 23, 2017 8:01 AM
I'm currently watching "Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.'
So far it's been an enjoyable anime to watch.
At the end of each episode it makes me want to watch more.
I can't understand all the hate reviews about it..... (I haven't read them, and I won't - maybe just when I finish the anime).