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Jul 22, 2019
Is it considered spoilers if I say that this manga is a fresh read due to it's one-sided romance?

Welp, that's that. What's said has been said. //This doesn't even have a romance tag so it's not a spoiler per se???

The story is as simple as it can be, she likes a priest so she decided to work as a miko. But what happens when the priest leaves? What reason does she have to serve a god she doesn't believe in?

Such is the premise of the story. But what captured my heart in this manga is how she grew from this simple turn of events... and read more
Jun 14, 2016
Contrary to the other reviews, and probably, other people's perception of this manga, I think it's great.

I admit that the first time I read this (a few years ago), I was horribly appalled by this manga that I rated it with a 3. But now that I've slightly matured, I read it again. This time, I gave it a 10.


Okay, let's start with its bad points.

1. No, they weren't in an elevator.
2. There's no dialogues.
3. It's just 14 pages.
4. It seemed pointless -as mentioned by another reviewer, it just showed Alice seeing the men ogling her mom, and all of a sudden, there's a woman read more
Dec 5, 2015
Since no one has written a review for this yet, I guess I will -first review for an anime, yay~~~

Otome Nadeshiko Koi Techou is an anime made for a novel of the same title.

It doesn't have much plot. Rather, it's just like a bonus for those who read the novel -an animated version of the first part of the story.

It's story -if you can call it that- is simple -a girl from a rich family who's tasked by her father to pick up the money from their family's school. Along the way, the wind blows her map towards the garden of some house. Voila, read more
Jun 7, 2014
14R (Manga) add (All reviews)
I've read all the chapters, and I could really say that I could actually give this an '8' or possibly a '9' if only the first story weren't in it...

Honestly, I agree with the other reviewer who dropped this manga because of the first story. It was really... horrible. The characters weren't explained very well, and at the end it's like "WTF? That's just it?" Heck, it didn't even bother to tell the readers why the guy liked the girl or if he really liked her. I'll give this a '3'

As for the second story, I think it has the best story out of all read more