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Sep 14, 2015
Eiken is a typically ecchi fanservice anime;

Not was a elaborate story; It is very simplistic, a romantic comedy with strong appeal to the sexual side, that's it basically , a romantic comedy that involves a competition to stay the girl.

It's not the best, too simple, do not expect details that anime. The scenario is not minimalist but also not that bad is good.

No innovations, music and common sound environment is basic but could have added something extra.

Some are much better than others, I no longer liked the characters with huge breasts, (I hate that) this ruins any anime, traces are well made, are read more
Sep 14, 2015
Early Reins in a groundbreaking word!

It is an innovative anime, westerns animes are rares, we're talking about Japanese anime that does not have the habit of speaking his stories in the West.
I'm not a fan of westerns but the story was well told, I liked it, the Japanese knew enjoy the theme.

The artistic part was excellent, have realistic scenarios and rich in detail at the epoch, especially the interior where the details are more visible and realistic.

Lost a little here,missed more involvement and choosing appropriate music, we have so many good artists, could have used better and more elaborate songs.

Highlighting the innovative history and read more
Sep 14, 2015
Call Me Tonight is an anime for adult public, very basic without innovation, her story is weak and simplistic,is a mixture of fiction with low-level hentai, ie without a defined context. (good hentai have good storys).
In the artistic part of the anime leaves much to be desired,even using old-school traits, a few details and simplistic scenarios too much even for the time.
Part of the soundtrack is good,I liked it, knew well choose the songs for a particular scene.
As for the characters they were very bad, the traits are not well defined, it is not that cute thing we're to seeing.
Obviously we can not expect read more
Sep 13, 2015
Oseam (Anime) add (All reviews)
The film follows the old school style, his features are typical:

The question history have not much to say, follows a pattern between the simplistic and advanced, it's a good story, I liked it, the dramatic charge that involves is excellent, the fact that we have a character with a disability gives an ecstasy more of the plot.
The artist part is very good, I have nothing to complain about the lines are well defined, and rich in detail.
In the soundtrack lacked something more, I believe that if they implemented more songs would be better. The characters are charismatic, giving fluid to history.
In the nothing to read more
Sep 11, 2015
It is almost mandatory watch the TV Series firs for then see the movie.
Ano Ana talks about the afterlife, a very difficult subject to approach that appeals to everyone, the author was well in this regard, knew how to create history according to the possibility to occur in real life (I like that, the closer the reality is the best anime).
For those who watched the TV series, may have noticed that the characters mature in the movie, are much more determined and some even with a new look.
The artistic part there are some scenarios errors a slight difference between TV series and the movie, but read more
Sep 8, 2015
"If you're in a drought, watch Aria because it has plenty of water" LOL

The story of Aria is is innovation and disappointment. Basically the anime talk for a girl who wants to become a gondolier, is live in new Venice Ancient Mars, yes, Mars Mars has water, lots of water and do not know how...
The story is:
- Water.
- Space.
- Girl wants to be gondolier.
- Lives in "planet Mars".
- weird cats.

New Venice: why on plante mars and not in earth? It's same city, old buildings but have spacecraft. its an weird anime, compliance errors facing the laws of physics and chemistry makes Aria a anime read more
Sep 8, 2015
Ano Hanna the anime of the dead girl!:
A much talked about anime and praised. I do not have much to say, the history is beautiful, the soundtrack is amezing and the anime is sold by itself.Logical that the anime has some defects and it is not far from a great work, perhaps addressing the issue otherwise ...
My verdict: You must view this anime! Wonderful story, in certain scenes makes you want to cry, the end is lovely!
Sep 8, 2015
Angel Beats not everything wonders:
Theme afterlife, some believe others do not, in this case in the anime we have the middle ground, neither dead nor alive, is not hell nor heaven but definitely not the land.
First five episodes is introducing you to begin to understand; After that the anime starts to get good, highlight the episode 10 which is a marvel. At the end of the anime had a worthy end of the plot,the surprise factor was very good, I enjoyed except after the credits,but if you believe in miracles anything is possible.
The soundtrack nothing to complain simply outstanding, characters have for all tastes,the comedy read more
Sep 3, 2015
That is the same anime compared the two previous OVA's? This has a fully reduced violence charge.Question plot left to be desired,super bone and calcification're very badly told, any bone is vulnerable for stiffer than it can be pierced by a certain type of bullet, another issue is the end, do make the end, you decides.

Worth watching? Yup! I recommend.