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Sep 29, 2022
Imagine if you crossed Higurashi with Erased and dialed up the production values by several points, you would essentially get Summertime Render. I went into this anime without any real expectations, the source material was not one I had previously read, and I assumed this was going to be another poorly made horror anime given the description. However, I was pleasantly surprised, while not original in concept, STR is one of the most well executed psychological thriller anime produced to date, with a great cast and stellar production. This review will expand on why I personally thought this series was excellent and will attempt to ...
Sep 24, 2022
This is probably the first anime I watched solely due to the voice acting I saw in the trailers, I did not go in without any other reference, just that all the girls seemed very cute, the voice acting was exceptionally good and that it appeared to be a slice of life anime set in a cafe. I later learned this was an anime original series and that it was actually an action thriller with some cute moments. Now usually most anime originals fall into one of 2 categories, they are either aiming to be groundbreaking passion projects or moderate to high production value merch ...
Apr 4, 2022
“But this is no tragedy, your hope and subsequent despair allow us to extend the universe’s lifespan”

Magia Records has finally come to an end and unfortunately outside of the beautiful visuals, it simply does not live up as a successor to the original series. But I am sure everyone expected that right? Madoka Magica was a masterpiece and there is no way some soulless gacha cash grab was ever going to reach the same heights and it would be ridiculous to even make the assumption that this was likely or possible. This review will instead focus more on Magia Records as a stand-alone series with ...
Mar 26, 2022
Akebi revolves around a teenage girl making a sailor uniform, wearing it to school and having her first experience with classmates since she grew up in a small rural area where she was the only student.

It really is amazing how anime can make an interesting spectacle out of such a boring premise, Akebi delights the audience with excellent visuals and heart warming character interactions. This review will cover everything that Akebi did well and some of its failings, in terms of story, sound, animation, and character writing.


In terms of story, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is primarily a slice of life anime where ...
Mar 26, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Well, every now and then there’s going to be an overly well animated ecchi series that grabs audiences by the penis and drags them to watch a show for the “plot”. Recently we had tan girl bullying pathetic boy the anime and this is essentially just another series along the same vein, except instead of being bullied you’re fantasizing dating the hottest girl in school. Don’t let the pretty visuals, focus on an otaku hobby, and obviously well designed soundtrack fool you, this is basically just lowbrow softcore pornography in animated form.

Enter our main character, self-insert *cough* I mean Gojou kun. Gojou is supposedly your ...
Mar 26, 2022
Growing up I used to watch Inuyasha on TV, every day after school I would look forward to watching my favorite male tsundere BTFO some demons and have amusing interactions with Kagome. Throw in the rest of the cast and you got a fairly well rounded series that stayed fresh for over 150 episodes. When I was told that there would be a spin off series involving Inuyasha and Kagome’s children I was ecstatic, a chance to finally see what happened to one of my favorite couples years after the end of their story and watch their kids in action. Sadly, yashahime is a trite ...
Mar 25, 2022
Slow Loop (Anime) add
As a fisher who still occasionally fishes and given that some of my fondest memories growing up were fishing trips with my family and friends, I had surprisingly high expectations for what initially appeared as a generic CGDCT and SOL anime. Slow Loop managed to not only match my expectations but genuinely surpass them in terms of how well researched the series is and how effectively they covered the hobby. This review will provide a quick summary on why I enjoyed Slow Loop and what aspects were covered well.

In terms of story, Slow Loop is fairly basic, similar to most CGDCT anime, 2 girls, had ...
Mar 22, 2022
All good things come to an end, and what an absolutely beautiful ending this was, this OVA concludes almost all the remaining adaptable material for Non Non Biyori and delivers an excellent stand alone episode for this series. While I do hope this series gets more content one day, I am pretty satisfied with everything we got.

The pristine and photorealistic art is in full display, possibly even better than the main series, really bringing to life the amazing Japanese country side in all its splendor. Animation quality was also quite solid, the badminton scene had surprisingly fluid animation, reminded me of the movie.

Sound design is ...
Jan 1, 2022
Similar to the setting of the main series, this short film is Set a few years after the grail war, the story specifically focuses a bit more on Waver's college years and his reunion with an old classmate.


Story: 7

I would say the mystery in this short film was actually better than any in the main series as the mystery was entirely solvable by the audience with the clues given. The mystery itself was based on why Waver suddenly became younger and aged back to his late teen years which was fairly amusing to watch.

Most of the focus in the story after ...
Dec 24, 2021
In the modern era it would be unthinkable that people could just buy themselves a cute wife, and in most of the world today its outright illegal, however historically people being able to buy others was a sad but very real situation. Taisho Otome tells us a story of a physically disabled boy finding love and a reason to live after his dad buys him a wife who also acts as his caretaker. For an anime about a girl who got sold to a rich boy, this show was shockingly sweet and heartwarming, that is if you can get past the premise.


Fundamentally ...

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