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Sep 20, 2019
In a season stacked with big Shonen shows, all with high production values and great advertising, alongside many sequels and the usual isekai spam, it is easy to overlook true gems.

Maidens in your savage seasons is one of those easily overlooked gems. At first glance this anime looks a lot one of those basic Ecchi shows that just focuses on lewd dialogue, sex jokes, and random sexual shots of girls and boys inadvertently walking in on each other undressed. However, this show differs in that it does all of this with exceptional dialogue and execution, it is the difference between some basic otaku pandering Ecchi read more
Jun 23, 2019
To preface my review, I will make this clear to anyone questioning if they should watch this show in case they are not interested in male romance, it is not a BL show, the men are definitely designed to look feminine and overly cute but there are no romantic or sexual undertones at all. The show is fundamentally about a new detective who learns that all sorts of supernatural lifeforms called anothers exist in his city and that there is a detective agency that specializes in community relations with the supernatural.


Story: 6

The story is pretty basic, it is episodic at the start read more
Apr 5, 2019
I love the Toaru series, I really do, I have seen all the spin offs, read the novels, read the manga, will watch the third season of railgun and will watch the Accelerator spin off. Despite this I will be giving this particular adaptation of the show a low review, not because the source material is bad, but because its just a terrible adaption. If you want to actually enjoy this series, please just read the damn novels. This adaptation was basically JC Staff butchering the plot, stitching it back together incorrectly, throwing out important parts because hey we need to save budget for Misaka’s read more
Mar 26, 2019
This show is underrated and a true gem.

Story: 9

Run with the Wind is a really special show, it’s been a long time since any story has quite impacted me this strongly. The story is actually quite simple, a bunch of college students decide to run a marathon, and their journey to reaching it. The execution is where the anime shines, there is never a wasted moment at all, every episode either focuses on the growth of a character, the growth of the team, or a major cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. The anime outside of some unrealistic dramatic scenes, felt very relatable and refreshing, read more
Dec 21, 2018
My vampire neighbor cant possibly be this cute!
Preface to the review, this show isn’t deep, doesn’t really have a notable plot in general, and mainly focuses on our cute girls living their moe anime girl lives. If this is not for you stop reading review and don’t bother with the show in general.

Ms. vampire in my neighborhood excels at 3 things, cute likable lesbian girls, its comedy, and being able to keep the episodic show fresh.
The show starts with the audience viewing cute interactions between Akari our protagonist who loves dolls and girls that look like dolls, and Sophie the show’s first vampire character, read more
Dec 20, 2018
Story: 9

Banana Fish is a beautiful story about the adventures of a New York gangster with a dark past named, Ash Lynx, and a Japanese boy visiting America who gets caught up in it, Eiji Okumura. The story starts with 2 things first a flash back scene in the middle east where a soldier kills his comrades and then gets shot in the legs. Second largely with Ash being portrayed as a real tough gangster who is controlling the streets on behalf of the local mafia. However, this sort of story quickly takes a turn into something else, Ash Lynx ends being the little brother read more
Jun 30, 2018
Story: 6

Nothing new or unique, main character decides to play virtual reality games to escape their real life, virtual reality games are intense and help them overcome some of their real life problems, some stakes added with a plot twist. This story has been done many times, and has arguably been executed much better in other anime, although the pacing was not particularly bad even though the conclusion was rushed.

The anime was largely faithful to the source material and did not change all that much, although they couldn’t flesh out the world completely it covered the original work well enough. They also connected it read more