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Fulgore Nov 9, 6:21 AM
Hello and thank your for the reply. I want to also clarify someting.

I havent read(as you probably guessed)the manga adaptation. And thats also my point for this early review(which i ll of course edit when the season ends).
How can a person that has only watched the anime feel watching Kekkai,compared to other anime.

Dont get me wrong i dont hate the series like i said and i also dig what they are trying to do in the series so far(short of).

But thats the whole point with series like this(and almost same thing happened with Gintama).That series like this arent for everyone,especially if they expect more things to see from season 1(and they havent read the manga of course).
FeuVache Nov 4, 8:14 PM
Unfortunately I didn't have much time to check the games this year, but I always did check the results and the match threads on the subreddit while on the bus! I did check some of the earlier games though, while there were still NA and EU teams left. Having only koreans playing is kind of alienating for a western viewer... same thing happened in SC2 in western leagues, where people just stopped watching altogether because it was always some korean guy A vs some other korean guy B that no one knew. That's why in league of legends they put a limit to how many "imported" players you can have on your team, so that the they retain the local public's interest. Anyway, I don't care enough about LoL to want to see "the best" games possible... I just want to see the players I've seen make it when the game was not even 1 year old that are still playing today. In the end, I care about the people, not the game. When they'll all have left the scene, I'll have no reason to watch.

Hope your drama was worth the all-nighter :D
FeuVache Nov 4, 8:32 AM
LOL you watched it? Didn't think you followed league at all! Yeah... they kind of got smashed to pieces...
FeuVache Oct 4, 6:47 AM
I think people really like the idea that they're in a kind of post-apocalyptic world and just doing their thing. And people also get Adventure Time vibes watching it. But that's the western audience... it was probably popular in Japan just because the character models are cute or something...
FeuVache Oct 3, 7:33 AM
I watched the first few eps when it first aired back in winter (didn't know anything about it, didn't even add it to my list). Since everyone's obsessed with it nowadays, I figured I should give it another go!
KurisuZ Oct 2, 9:08 AM
Well I am a fan of iM@S. So obviously I am curious about the male version of the show even if it turns out to be.
FeuVache Sep 24, 6:53 PM
Meh I have a fundamental problem with stories about gambling where the main character is always winning in the end... how is that gambling? Same reason I haven't finished "One Outs". In the end, it's just a very shounen approach, so don't except anything revolutionary. So I just treat it as it is, a shounen, some mindless fun to kick back and relax. Since I didn't value the story from the start, I didn't mind the open ended conclusion.
AKA don't waste your time with it :P
KurisuZ Sep 5, 10:36 PM
Lol I wouldn't say it's as bad as Charlotte, but it's still dull and disappointing.
KurisuZ Sep 5, 7:25 PM
Honestly, I am not a fan of it but I am still watching it for completion sake. There are some good moments in the show especially the first half but I feel like the plot is dragging and dragging forever with not much progress. I believe it would have been better if it was one cour like Amagi Brilliant Park (can't helped but relate Sakura Quest to it). I personally won't recommand it even if you like P.A. Works visuals (one of the weakest P.A. Works anime I have seen since Charlotte)
FeuVache Aug 11, 3:58 PM
Yeah, seemed even worse than usual haha
FeuVache Aug 11, 1:22 PM
Aaaah didn't know you liked it! Yeah well, that's pretty much exactly why I picked it up, I felt like watching something relaxed after straining my eyes "reading" through Owarimonogatari...
FeuVache Aug 6, 9:17 PM
LOL you have so many cousins, you are bound to run into them at one point or another :P. Pretty crazy though! And yeah, I'm a filthy LL fanboy... it's my dirty little secret. I'd have liked to see that cover! Loooove seeing LL cosplay. And it's pretty funny to see the LL girls live (Aqours or Muse), the seiyuus are often so very different from the character they impersonate! They'll do the same choreography and sing with a remarkable attention to detail, but look totally different!
FeuVache Aug 6, 9:03 PM
Only way I would go to Otakuthon is if there's a Love Live show! Aqours went to anime expo 2017, so I can dream...
FeuVache Aug 6, 9:00 PM
Oh really o.o
Conventions aren't my thing though hehe
OK that would explain part of it for fate/zero!
FeuVache Aug 6, 7:57 AM
Yeah.. I just watch it because of my attachment to the fate series... characters are poorly fleshed out, the dialogues are so weird and don't feel natural, and the story is not very interesting. Why is it so much worse compared to fate/zero and even fate/stay night?
On another note, I really love made in abyss! Are you watching it?