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Nov 9, 2019
Miira no Kaikata starts off very questionably I'd say. After making his aunt a nightly snack, our main protagonist, the laundry boy Kashiwagi receives a package and thrown off by the fact that all the packages from his dad were and most likely will be scary to the point where he'll be questioning whether or not to open them, he decides to just stay still while the most adorable thing walks out of it -

From then on the anime is very wholesome and continues to be like it for the rest of the series. It has some very 'moe' moments and it's great.

Story; 8/10

Nothing read more
Oct 27, 2018
Somehow, when scrolling Youtube, I came across this, despite the title seeming as clickbaity as it could possibly be. I watched it in english dub, because there were no subs to be found. I would've preferred the original but meh.

Story 6/10

(may contain spoilers)

Although the episodes went by so quickly (which is rare for me), the story was pretty cliché. The main character, Ari Jin is a normal girl with a decent personality, as she has some friends who unexpectedly gain magic along with her due to encountering a magic hamster later revealing to be a prince from Flowering Kingdom. The girls transform so that they read more
Oct 27, 2018
(Since no one's written a review yet, I'll give it a try because why not. (also random fact of the day this got me into liking gemstones))

Story 7/10

I think the story was fairly good, as it's intended to be for kids. Every Jewelpet anime changes from characters to the story. This one, the original one, has the main characters, Rinko, Minami and Aoi, they're high schools girls with a normal life, however everything changes when jewel charms scatter all around the human world.

Jewelpets find their rightful partners as they try to fight against Diana and her brother (in this series anyway) Dian, they also read more
Oct 27, 2018
Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru is a pretty good anime, I have to say I overall enjoy it, mostly because it not only focuses on the character development, but its side characters too. I like Misha and Tsubame's relationship because Tsubame sometimes feels like a mother figure to Misha, and sometimes it's just plain lolicon comedy I never fail to laugh at. I'm eager to see how this will turn out, but it's definitely my favorite anime of the season.

Story 7/10

For a plain comedy, this anime has its contrast between being hilarious and sometimes even serious, although Tsubame's lolicon-like attitude can sometimes get repetitive and read more