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Rosario to Vampire

both manga's have a boy character (Rito and Tsukune) that have girls (who aren't normal) falling in love with them. both are funny as they have the boys (who aren't perverted) have perverted stuff happen to them. so they blush, apologise, and look VERY uncomfortable. (lol) in To-Love-Ru the perverted stuff (usually) is an accident, while in Rosario plus Vampire the girls (usually) do perverted things to woo him. (which never ever works) while both are perverted it dosen't show anything too much. (in bath and ect. mostly covered.) so i would give both a PG-13 warning to all. also both have strong feelings of friendship. both have some action (more in Rosario plus Vampire), alot of twists, and alot of characters so sometimes you can forget peoples names. over all i would recommend this to people who are older and like romantic comedys with some action and alot of twists in them.