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Dec 1, 2019
Art: 9/10: It's cool and gothic, honestly the only reason why anyone will stay to read this

Story: 1/10: Can't rant more about this. It started off with a pretty cool premise. Different mysteries and our main character trapped in a toilet, yeah?

The only problem is that our second main character has everything worked out for her. It's pretty much all your typical manga issues: everything being concluded with a simple swing of the knife, a single talk to from our second main character resolves the whole isssue that has been bothering our villains for a Long time, or coaxing enemies into submission; events conveniently happening read more
Apr 11, 2019
Art was dreadful. Series would be ended within one chapter by this era's current standards.

Characters were unrealistic. Where in the world would you find such 15/16 yo who understand and express themselves clearly? Tohru can be summarized in one word: Perfect. She's so blessedly perfect her flaws are also made into pitiable things that make her 'endearing'. You can just skip over every interaction she has with the 12 zodiacs. They can be summarized in one sentence: Tohru charms them over to her side. Also, the villain is impossible to sympathize with. Childhood trauma does not justify the things they did, and the author certainly read more