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Feb 22, 2019
I ain't a reviewer. I just have a perspective on the movie and the franchise as a whole that i want to share.

I wont beat around the bush , the movie was just fun. Perhaps the most exciting movie ever i have watched. Its modern dragon ball at its absolute best.
Industry defining action sequences to a showcase of a number of varied animation styles that are so unique and out there.

Also , a movie with a story with no tension , consequences ( just like all the other non canon movies in the franchise ) or real threat . But read more
Dec 4, 2017
I'm not some reviewer and i can't even a write good enough review to make people read this manga . I will admit that these short 32 chapters were one of the most fun things that i have read in quite a while .

I felt ;
Overly joyed to the point that makes me question myself that why i didn't start reading Romcom manga earlier . ( I guess i should be regretting a bit but who cares , this gem of a manga is a literal gem)
I think that made it clear that i loved it , if the scores read more