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Nov 5, 2018
Dear readers, dont let the overall score make u miss this amazing journey, if you enjoy fantasy and advanture, this show is actually one of the best of his kind.
I'm actually questioning who's voting and if these idiots watched at least 1 min of the show.
When I'm saying this is one of the best show of his kind I'm taking in consideation all my list of anime and manga, my opinion might actually be a little bios considering i grow up watching anime like digimon, pokemon,... in fact this show reminds me of a little bit of them (minus the the action, which is not read more
Apr 29, 2018
What if you love something so much, that it becomes painfull to see everyone around you being better? Will you throw away everything just to not suffer anymore?
Life's not fair, everyone s born with a gift but they desire things that cant achieve easily, that's why we struggle to become better persons.

Before starting the review I'm going to say that Major is one of my favorite series of all time, both manga and anime, so I'm very excited and happy about this sequel, it's a shame that not much people are into sport, but I could not care less, I love it and I hope read more
Aug 2, 2017
Hajimete no Gal....oh what a mess have they done of this funny romcom....

You see, I wrote a review for the manga quite a while ago, in which I praised the pace and how the charachters were introduced, unfortunately the producers turned this enjoyable manga in an anime who you are supposed to jack off, but you cant pull it off since it's censored all strategy? Most likely...

Trust me when I say the censoring is the last thing that bothers me, like I said at the beginning the pacing is horrible, you dont have time to familiarize with the main characters, girls after girls are read more
Jul 14, 2017
Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai is about food, sport and love it's as simple as that.
Nowadys we have a lots of shows that try to be too many things and as result they fail miserably, reading this manga make me realize semplicity works the best if done well.

Story: (7/10)
Yamato Shuuhei is a teenage boy who's living by himself to pursue his dream of playing baseball at high levels so he enrolled in a high school known to be really good at it.
Yakumo Shuuko (28 y.o.) is a widow that loves cooking, since the dead of his husband she lost in part that passion, but knowing read more
Mar 13, 2017
Lately I felt like reading a bit of fantasy and action, so I came across Death March. It is rated fairly good so I was expecting something at least enjoyable, unfortunately already from the beginning I felt dissapointed, but kept reading hoping for some interessting developement that never came.

Story: (1)
Suzuki Ichirou or Satou, his nickname for online games, is a programmer of 29 years old. One day while waking up e find himself in a new world(similar to the game he was working for), already in trouble and attacked by monsters he use a powerfull skill that kill everything(also a god), and gain level read more
Jan 7, 2017
Kenja no Mago? I thought it was really interesting at first, reading the synopsis, unfortunately nothing "new" or original, nonetheless enjoyable.
Let's jump straight into the review and find out why.

Story (6)
As the synopsis say: Shin our main protagonist had a boring life, that's until an accident happened and he died. Reborn in an alterative universe, as a child he was casually saved from a hero. That hero will teach him magic and his other friends will teach him the art of the sword, meanwhile he has the knowledge of his past life and has an incredible magic power. You guessed right, he's OP af.
He was read more
Aug 25, 2016
*I'm writing this review because this manga is really a funny romcom and I want people to acknowledge it so we can have faster scans and translations!*

The story is the weakest part of this amazing manga, is something we have seen quite a bit in this kind of genres:
Unpopular guy get te chance to date a really cute and popular girl.
What makes this manga amazing are witouth a doubt the characters, Junichi our cliché anime character, weak, a looser is constantly teased by Yuka which seem to understand pretty well the desires of his new boyfriend, but something about her personality seem strange, is she read more
Aug 18, 2016
*Spoiler free*

I've enjoyed a lot unbalance x2 and as soon I've discovered that there is a new story I couldnt help myself but read it.
The topic's still the same: taboo love, while Ux2 was about teacher/student, this time we came across sister/brother, little spoiler: they might not be blood related, if that make you feel a little better :')
It's for a mature audience since it contains nudity, but if you feel like reading it is better if you do when your parents arent around.

*This is a Manwha, it means that is a korean comic, usually they are fully colored, this is the case with read more
Jul 3, 2016
*This Ova is a prequel of the main anime that will be aired the 10 july *

The point of this prequel is to make us familiarize with the setting of the anime (medieval, with dragons, knights, beast, magicians,...).

I've discovered that there is an other prequel called: Tales of Zestiria: Doushi no Yoake(2014) which I raccomend not to watch since it will ruin you the surpries of the main serie.

This is similar of the most common fantasy/medieval anime, to summon is a sort of King Artù, we can clearly see that there is a sword on the stone, and the rest... well yea magicians, dragons,...

Just one read more
Mar 27, 2016
First of all dont be scared of the 6.80 overall rating, because is really enjoyable, if you like romance and comedy anime. It's short anyaway (12min/ep) so give it a try. *(anime finished ariring but online we can find atm only 5eps)*

Story (7):
At the beginning seem a cliché anime, girl like guy, write a love letter and then we focus on romance developement and drama between them.

May seem true for the first 5 min of the anime, but we already discover a big "secret" of Kurihara(our Mc female), she's a yandere and that make it hilarious most of the time seeing her thoughts and the read more