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May 2, 2017
*Spoiler Free review*
(Information in review will also be found on the description on the back of the book, no major spoilers)

This Review is dedicated to everyone who thinks about reading this *cough* delicate *cough* Manga.

At first, it seems to be your decent everyday Heroin Manga with an introduction to a side character (Momoko Kanno) who then leads us to the protagonists, the 5 scissor sisters.

After a short time, it becomes clear, that this book is complete and utter bull... I mean, Hair loss-Aliens? (Yes, this is a thing apparently in this Manga)

Story: 3
The Story was poor, dull and had absolutely no read more
May 1, 2017
I feel kind of obligated to give a small explanation about this OVA since it seems nobody else did it before.

This OVA isn't part of the main series and although it's the same setting and the same characters, this Episode wouldn't fit into the main story at all.

You could say this is kind of an alternative to the story or maybe a nightmare that Makoto Itou is having? The nightmare thingy might be the best explanation to it since his conscious might feel guilty.

All in all, this wasn't as funny, it was just creepy and a little awkward and the purpose to read more
Dec 28, 2016
*Spoiler Free Review for Wakuwaku Mini-Theater*

These are just a few short "backstage"-scenes which happen inbetween the episodes.

They present the characters and their lifes in a satirical once again and if you're sad you've already watched all the Amaburi Episodes but can't seperate from the characters, this gives you comfort!

They're fun to watch, but have a simple art style and are just meant as a joke.
They don't really deserve the score they have right now (6).

Sure, they're not a masterpiece, but if you watched and loved Amaburi, you'll cry out of laughter thanks to these little shorties!

It's at least a solid 8! read more