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Sep 30, 2018
if you love sports anime , then this is a must watch
not because of its great story or compelling characters , just for the ABSOULUTLY BREATH TAKING ANIMATION!!!
this show follows the tale of a hard worker and a prodigy
Nagisa and Hanesaki respectively and basically is a tournemant arc type show

Story+Characters :
well the story is mostly the tale of the two main characters
Nagisa's story is about how she puts out the anger in herself on others and hurts her fellow teammates because they don't live up to her standards but we all know she means herself becouse she can't forgive herself read more
Sep 10, 2016
What is this ? why does this exist
this is a show about the life of a girl pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian while still playing for her schools basketball team.
Sounds pretty ok for a 13 episodes show right ?
well imagine that show being shoved down to 2 freaking minutes
that's so pointless its annoying
i don't get why to even bother with this "show"
i mean it could be a good basic for a show and the artstyle and animation were superb
but this is just a waste of a good concept and animation
just watch for yourself and watch the read more
Mar 28, 2016
This show is the definition of wasted potential , it could have been so good done right and it does show it in a few moments of brilliance but most of the time the only thing i get from this show is average and below.
The first big problem of this show is with the story and that the fact that one of the biggest selling points of this show (that the characters came from the real world to that fantasy one) is completely ignored but everyone throughout the entire series. other than that the story is basically a new party of "players" entered this read more
Mar 14, 2016
Enjoyment 6/10
I think that Grisaia no Rakuen is a good sequel to the first season i think that it has incredible art good story and antagonist well written characters and great action scenes.... but i just couldn't enjoy this season as much as the first one because of 2 characters - JB, Asako
those 2 completely ruined a lot of Yuuiji's past for me with completely unnecessary sexual relationships with him
i mean (very minor Spoilers) Asako just decides to have sex with him when he was 16 as a present and she is like 30 years old and JB was even worse... so much worse read more
Dec 28, 2015
Monster strike is not good show , not at all
please allow me to tell you why (ahhm)
first of all the biggest problem i have with this show is the i guess battles of some sort between the monsters , at first it looked like it actually is more of a strategy based combat in which you fling the monster in order to hit your opponent and cause it to reflect back to the opponent as many times as possible dealing as much damage as possible but then i noticed that some monsters can only hit a few times and some had some sort read more