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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Nov 11, 3:53 AM
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TR4NC3BOY 5 hours ago
Yes it's in العبرية we share alot of words between the languages so dont panic if you hear some XD.

Our music is basically 2 genres: Pop and the eastern type that i linked you.. the pop is shit imo.

Deer balak if you put that remix in any kind of party lol it's really cheesy like can you even dance to that ?
I guess if you are drunk you can dance to anything but ohh well if you want to put it on just dont credit me or anything 😊

"me being a SOCIAL worker, me the most introverted human being lol" Walla??? hahahah and i tought my life choices are bad lol.
That sounds like such a waste :( i mean even if you did like it tha pay is mostly shit well atleast here.

Damn lol an introvert social worker i never heard of that one before like how are you gonna talk to people even if you do work as one O-O.
I always assumed introverts are kinda shy and dont talk much so i wonder how that will play out for you.

If we talk rasmi most employers only care how well you can do the job.
like What good a piece of paper will do for you if you cant handle yourself ON the job ?.. some ppl are like that you know they just cant do the job properally even to save their own lives O-O.
it's not looking very good for you if have 0 experience on you but i assume you did worked in some jobs right ?? When freash meat come to my work i can spot them from a MILE away that they have 0 experience cause they always act soo akward when they try to do the job you know ?

Heh talking about social media i only use facebook just to talk to one person XD and also some friends there share some funny videos that i like to watch.

Anyways i just use whatsapp most of the time but if some people ask me " Ohh do you have insagram or something ?" i just say "Yeah i have facebook" as to not seem that out of touch with the world xd.
I'm just a village person that lives in a city.. i cant for the love of me get into social media i just prefer the old fashion way of communicating with ppl.

Yeah im going to "vacation" in 2 days.. what i acually hope to do is to find a job there that pays in cash and to just test the waters how it's like there you know ? i heard life there is pretty good but sometimes i hear that people are like ice blocks there :S they are not as open like the ppl in here.
The ppl there will probabley freak out at the way i act cause i always tend to shout and wave my hands around like i'm furious about something heh but it's pretty normal here.

Your english is bad ?? Huh my english is the worst and if i try to SPEAK it ohh boy it's like half swear words half random words XD

i wonder how canadians will react to that lol

What about you ? Ever been in a foreign country before ?

TR4NC3BOY Dec 16, 8:18 AM
"hehe that means I could be a pro, I'll make you proud senpai :P"
Then go out there and get them!!! make me proud girl :)

Your profile picture could also fit the "troll" stereotype quite nicely imo lol

Whats that even on your head ?
TR4NC3BOY Dec 16, 7:03 AM
YES!! i heard his music before cause every time i visit my arab friends they put on arabic music and Marcel is one of them sometimes :)

The composition in the song you linked kinda reminds me of Mozart for some reason heh..
I also hear some greek influence which i like ^^

Rita is a jewish name.. it sounds like he sings about stuff they did together.. eeh forbidden love i guess ?

I understand some words he say but not all cause my arabic is not as good as it should be :(
Anyways great song i added it to my playlist :)

nowdays if i want to listen to arabic i just listen Sharif (the druze) he sings in arabic mostly but sometimes in hebrew too.

Here is a song of his i like.

the chours is really nice imo.. it also has that "gibson" guitar i was talking about :P

but yea if you want to check him out just google "شريف الدرزي" it's mostly "Depression" music.. you know about breakups and stuff dunno if its your thing thou.

"I'll be able to play you that "I'm Yours" song" HAA HAA you just had to right -_- but yea i would like to hear you play AT LEAST that one day :)

eeh i was making music wayy before i learnd to play an instrument so it was easier for me to learn cause i kinda knew what i wanted to sound like.

About the blisters.. My hands are like stones cause i worked in physical jobs most of my life so i didn't get blisters almost not at all.. You probabley have girly hands so you might get them :P but you know just paractice and have fun dont worry about sounding correct.

If you want to get that "gibson" sound just practice bending and slides.
i did not play an acoustic so im not sure if it's even possible on that instrument.
But if you want that arabic sound it's more about the playing style more then anything so im pretty sure it's possible to get that sound out of an acoustic.
Thou i warn you.. if you start to do slides on the fretboard on your first time you are for sure to get blisters.. so just watch yourself

BTW if you want to hear how i play just check this out:

I kinda cheated cause i quantized the notes to the beat in the program :P but yeah the mixing is shit anyways i just wanted to try stuff out.

Israel has high freedom indeed you can walk outside your house with only your underwear XD everyone here is like familly so you can do whatever you want really.
There are some problem thou for example since my father is muslim the army wouldn't let me be in one the fighting devision cause of "security" reasons -_- Thou did offer me some odd jobs but i turned them down cause the pay is really not worth it.
and yeah it's little stuff like that annoy me sometimes but im not mad about it

eeh i dropped out of school when i was pretty young.. cause hoes and money but now that i think about it.. it was probabley a mistake heh.. so yeah i don't think i can go to college but i dont think i really need to since i know how do to most jobs around here anyways.

What did you learn in college anyways ?? i tend to think college is just a waste of time for some reason O-O did it help you get a job or anything ?

Well since you live in your "introverted head" i assume you probabley dont have much ppl to celebrate with :( but if you were good friends with your college friend i would try to contact her just to see whatsup with her.

"I'd share with you some of Mozart, Schubert...etc music, but I know you'll block me" Yeah.. i already blocked you.

JK haha if you have any favorites i dont mind if you share as long as it have good melodies then im down for it :)

Sorry if i been replying slow latley but im going to canada in a couple of days so i got to get ready for that :S

There wont be any Sand or camels for me for at least a month :(

TR4NC3BOY Dec 15, 6:48 AM
Ohh i see you are also into mozart.. damn girl you are even more oldschool then me XD

Booy and i thought cassete tapes were bad.. i bet you still collect dem Vinyls :P
TR4NC3BOY Dec 15, 5:49 AM
You use twitter ?? hehe is that a thing anymore ? i'm kinda stuck in the past (as always) So it's facebook for me still :S

"a senpai in trolling?? teach me some" Mmmm idk the training is hard i dont think you can handle it :P you are GREEN atm.. HECK you even started a conversation with a troll lol this is how green you are !!!

I will teach you one trick thou: If you want to piss someone off you start a serious conversation with them and then you SLOWLY reply or not at all. But i think you already do that as you told me earlier hehe ^_^

You are getting a guitar??? Niceeeeee senpai is happy :) Have fun with it but watch out for blisters thou.. it can happen the first times around... what guitar are you getting btw ?

heh I see lots of people from saudi here, i guess anime is popular there ? Anyways i dont really know much about saudi like everytime someone says "saudi arabia" to me i just think: Sand ,Camels ,Prince ,OIL!!!,MONEY!!,

Ohh crap i was thinking about About the Emirates O-O...SEE ?? this is how bad i know my neighbors :( huh may allah help me.

I love my country everything is great here EXCEPT for the politics and economy but ohh well you can have everything i suppose. thanks for the compliment thou ^^

"she even screamed" lol i tell ya me and my coworker still joke about it saying: "Huh maybe we are related somehow ?"

Do you celebrate your birthday tougher ? my cowrker knows how to throw a party so i just celebrate with her usually.

You said go to college ? what do you study ?

got any favorite Arab singer/songs to share with me ?

I share with you mine.
hes not my favorite singer but the song is good i think

TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 9:43 PM
People on the internet are too serious sometimes.. like they are going to war or something XD so they get offended EVEN by you replying slowley.

Damn if this is your first forum then i feel sorry for you.. this place acually made me hate anime.. like srsly i cant watch anime anymore without thinking about the fucked up people that are here (not all thou some are ok). But i welcome you to this forum anyways :)

This is acually the second forum i joined O-O the first one was the nightcore one.. never really talked to people on the internet much besides YT comments (hint hint trolling) hehe.

lol i dont really have cassette tapes but because i always listen to old music my friends just tease me like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do have an electric guitar and a Bouzouki.
but nowdays i rather just open a program and play some tunes there insted of banging my fingers. But if i have compeny i dont mind playing them if only just for the lols.

I'm from israel btw i guess you live somewhere in the middle east since those kind of instrument are pretty popular here.. we are probabley neighbours :P

YES we are!! and only a couple of days apart haha i have a coworker we were born in the exact same day same month same year we were kinda shocked when we found out we even exchanged ID Cards just to make sure XD but ye it's a pretty wow moment.
TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 8:08 PM
Correction gibson used to be popular.

now it's just Bouzuki and Oud but they do sound simmilar thou
TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 7:27 PM
Naaa dont sweat it we are not in a race here hehe i reply slowly myself.

"sharing music is the best way to start a conversation with someone" Well if thats how you think maybe you should join a music forum ? you will be starting conversations left and right there lol.
BUT srsly now that i think of it the only REAL LIFE friends i ever made on the internet was on some music forum i joined 2 years ago.. it's a small nightcore forum 20 ppl active MAX.

and yea we would talk just about anything but nightcore XD nowdays we just text eachother via whatsapp/facebook and we even meetup a couple of times irl... SOOO Yeah... MAYBE YOU ARE ONTO SOMETHING O-O

Jazon fucking marzzz!!!!!! His song was on the playlist in my workplace do you know how annoying it is to hear the same song over and over again ?? the song is Jason Mraz - I'm Yours but other then that dunno much about him he gave me enough bad memories thank you XD

Im kinda stuck in the 90's-2010 in terms of music.. my friends always tease me saying "hey man do you still have those cassette tapes lying around ?" XDD so yeah i hope you bring me up to snuff a little.

GOD I LOVE THAT GIBSON GUITAR SOUND (it's really popular in my country) i dont really know if it's a gibson or not but here we just call it the gibson guitar.

mm i wish i could play like that but i kinda suck tbh

It's kinda random but i think it's a good song probabley will give you motivation to go to the gym or something:

TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 2:21 PM
Huh since idk your taste very well i'll just test the water with this:

TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 2:06 PM
Like the closest i got is something from the 90's but it's not even in english
TR4NC3BOY Dec 14, 2:05 PM
Ohh great not more electronic music..

WAIT NO this is rock ? i'm pretty sure it's not jazz but it sounds like lightwaight rock from the 90's

Anyways awsome song i kinda miss hearing this kind of music since the internet keeps shoving Poop/electronic music in my face :/

Thx for the share mm i wish i could share some with you back but i dont think i have something to satisfy your taste :S

Aidoru-Ojisan Dec 12, 3:22 PM
Thanks for the compliment, I've been trying to broaden my horizons a bunch this year thanks to a bud and a few youtubers so I'm glad my efforts are paying off :D
MidoraShiba Oct 31, 12:40 AM

Watching Gintama?
That's cool.

Well I hope you will ve able to watch it until the end.
I know the Start wity following first Episodes can be quite average.
But it will improve a lot afterwards.