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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
2 minutes ago
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Kengan Ashura
Kengan Ashura
Sep 14, 12:02 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Sep 14, 12:00 AM
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Jan 3, 9:35 AM
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Aug 13, 2018 8:39 PM
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Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children
Aug 7, 2018 8:10 AM
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DoctorWasabi Sep 14, 2017 9:36 PM
Aka no Assassin from Fate/Apocrypha
Argo22 Sep 10, 2017 6:42 PM
Yes, the first time I checked it I was totally shocked, didn´t expect it from a 12 min show
vegeta8639 Aug 18, 2017 6:35 AM
The long episode count isn't the main reason why I won't watch OP. The main reason is that I have no good reason TO watch it. The character designs look derpy and the story doesn't interest me in the slightest. Plus there are 500 other anime I'd rather watch. I only watch a couple of episodes per day so I really can't just sit and watch 100 episodes before a show gets interesting. I tried watching Fairy Tail but after some 8 or 10 episodes I just kinda stopped for a few days and never started back up because nothing interesting was really happening. I haven't dropped it and I might pick it up again some day. As for OP, very unlikely.

I see fight scenes more as an extra rather than something I'd watch a show for but I really like the fast paces ones with little to no talking. Just people trying to kill each other like at the end of Fate/Zero or Illya vs Saber in Fate/kaleid. Just non stop fighting from start to finish.
I actually didn't enjoy HxH as much as other people seem to have. Sure I enjoyed some of the arcs but I just did not give a shit about any of the main characters. The villains were far more interesting in my opinion. Gon is probably the worst main shounen protagonist in existence. I just fucking hated him and that asspull when he fought Pitou was just complete garbage. I probably would have rated it a 5 if Meruem wasn't such a good character (I can tell from your list that you agree). As for Killua, I don't hate him but I don't like him much either. I think his power is kinda inconsistent throughout the show. Like he's insanely OP at first but pretty soon Gon just kinda catches up and now they're both underpowered against the stronger enemies. If you pay attention, basically every major battle in his shit is extremely one sided. Pick any one you like and it's one character completely in control, seemingly just fucking around. It can still work as a good battle but I don't think they handled it well at all.
Like Gon gets his bullshit DEM power up for his big battle against Pitou and now he's just crushing her with no effort even though she was much stronger than him in the past. Complete trash. I wanted to see her kick the shit out of him and put him in his place. He did barely any training since their last encounter so she should have at the very least had the upper hand but nope, lets just do an asspull and give him godlike strength for no reason.

"I haven't seen the review about Kimi ni Todoke, but I will be watching it soon maybe this weekend with my sister."

You should, it's really really good. Both the review and the show.

"And also about that time travel body swap, I was really not bothered about it as to why it was not explained how it works. "

No it wasn't. We just know it was some kind of magic and that it happened to their ancestors but we don't know why they swap or when they swap/stop swapping. I wouldn't consider it an unsolved mystery. I mean it's just magic happening at convenient times that suit the plot.

"I'm pretty sure you love all your favorite characters, especially your waifus. "

I don't generally call them that but true. There's also a few I can't add on MAL because they are from games/VNs and don't have an anime manga. There's Mare from Hoshizora no Memoria and Kuroe from Criminal Girls 2 off the top of my head. I had Kagari from Rewrite on my list too but there's just not enough space. Miuna is the only one I might add after rewatching Nagi no Asukara. I recommend that anime as well.

"I see you are recommending me to read manga, but as of now and maybe for a long time I will not read manga. I just don't think I'll be able to enjoy it like how I enjoy watching anime. "

Yea I know, I only read like 2 manga because I really enjoyed the anime and I was certainly not disappointed. Although in the case of Omamori Himari, that was because the anime was garbage. I'm really glad I did though. My next plan is to read the Rokka no Yuusha novel.
I see you've seen that too. We could talk about that if you want.
vegeta8639 Aug 12, 2017 6:54 PM
Don't worry about it. My reply was pretty long because I had to answer all those Angel Beats! questions. You can ask a question in one sentence but it's probably gonna take a lot more to answer it. I don't know how the schooling system works wherever you're at but everyone over here would be on summer break right about now. I've got a bit over 2 weeks until my last 2 university exams for this year so I'm just killing some time right now.
If you disagree with some of my Angel Beats! explanations, maybe you could tell me why so I can explain it better or change my own mind if it turns out my I'm wrong.
I had the exact same issue you're having with Fairy Tale a few years after watching Gurren Lagann. It was one my my first anime after Naruto and Pokemon and I really liked it so I obviously gave it a 10 after making my MAL account. Then I rewatched it and put it on my favourites list. Now it's some 3 year later and things have just changed so much that I can't leave the 10/10 on without rewatching and probably changing the score. So for right now it just has no rating until I rewatch it. Same with some of those old Naruto and Bleach movies. I can barely remember any of them, much less think up a score. Obviously you can leave the scores if you want but I didn't like having it up above some much better anime which I gave 9s or 8s to. I mean I had Casshern Sins and FMA:B at 8/10.
I have changed scores in the past without rewatching though. Usually a few days after adding the anime because I changed my mind. I mostly just compare them to what else is on my list and give out scores based on that. I'd agree with your initial Angel Beats! score :D

I have seen both Naruto and Bleach but I never watched any One Piece. I never watched it on TV or anything and the character designs are a major turn off. They look too goofy and clownish, plus the insane amount of episodes and never ending nature of it is to the point where I'll probably never watch it. I've got 500 anime on my PTW that interest me more than One Piece anyway. I totally understand if you want to watch it to have something to talk to your friend about. I watched Hunger games and The Walking Dead for that reason. Game of thrones too but I actually like that one.

On Kimi ni Todoke, you are completely misunderstanding what the anime is and what it's about. It's not a generic romcom by ANY means. It is literally the best Shoujo anime in existence and the mains have so much fucking chemistry. Since this is already going to be too long, I'll just link you this review instead of writing a novel about how great this anime is.
He says it a lot better than I ever could. Nobody is going to argue with you that the 2nd season is much worse, but 5/10 is ridiculously low.
It's easily one of the best romance anime out there even with it's minor flaws.

With Koe no Katachi, I had the exact opposite experience. The journey was amazing but the ending was so anticlimactic that it left me feeling empty and disappointed. The entire first half was fantastic although it would have been nice to see more of MCs transformation like him learning sign language for example. It starts going downhill after Ueno shows up but come on, MCs interactions with Shouko are priceless.
It's a redemption story. From a psychopathic kid getting hit by the consequences of his actions to getting bullied himself and eventually starting on his path of redemption. The final step was suppose to be apologizing to Shouko before killing himself but she instead gives him forgiveness, friendship and hope for the future. Your description of the MC is pretty simplistic if you ask me. They did a great job showing his side of the story and how he genuinely didn't understand the harm he was causing until it was too late. His friends spurred him on too and then betrayed him when push came to shove. He certainly didn't seem like a generic bully being a dick for no reason.
As for why Shouko forgave him so quickly, even back when they were kids, she was trying to be friends with him even after he had been bullying her and causing all that damage. She even felt sorry for him when things turned around he was the one getting bullied. She's literally the only one who actually forgave him. Everybody else has been holding it over his head for years.
Yea the movie was a tiny bit overhyped but not nearly as much as Your name. Come on, that movie was fucking average at best. Magic convenient body swaps and random time travel powers. How come neither of them checked the date ONCE during all those swaps. Don't they have phones, TVs and calendars? I'd take a redemption story with likable mains and a deaf girl any day.

Last point about my favourite characters. Obviously Rem is Rem so you should know why she's amazing. The Omamori Himari anime from where 2 of my favs, Shizuku and Tama come from is complete trash. I added them both after reading the manga. It's is a million times better and whoever picked the anime story line should he hanged. They both fit a specific niche which is why I absolutely love them. Tama has 1 guy other than me who favourited her so yea.
She's an evil fox spirit who wants to regain her true form and start a war because she likes living in those conditions. If you read the manga, she actually does care about some people and she is so cute when she gets serious. Or just in general really. Just look at that main picture. I actually added that one. And those blue eyes, just yes.
Shizuku is a snake type water spirit and she can morph into water and use various water based skills. She also has a long snake tongue which is super cute. She's also emotionless and wants revenge for her family getting killed while she was a child. You can watch the anime for her, I mean it's not THAT bad but I'd still recommend the manga over it. The anime creators fucked her over big time. You might as well watch the first 2 episodes and then skip to the manga. Shizuku is of course super cute too. Look at the bottom 2 pictures on her page (which I also added but they refuse to change the main one). Can't decide between her and Tama though. I mean I can but I'd change my mind in a day or two. Looks only, it's Tama though.

Lastly there's Naruse. She's completely different from the others as she has no powers and is part of a realistic anime setting. She's also muted so she can't speak. I'd 100% pick her if we were going to live in a real world scenario and not in some fantasy land. She's absolutely perfect for that. Instead of describing why she's so perfect, I'll just tell you to watch the movie instead. Make sure you prepare some hard liquor, a punching bag (or something comparable) and some good heavy metal/rap music. Also make sure there's nobody around and that it's not the middle of the night. You'll figure out why by the end of the movie. Try not to kill anyone either. You can thank me later.
There's also Yin from Darker than Black and Miuna (she grows up) from Nagi no Asukara both of whom I absolutely adore. Both are excellent anime too so I'd recommend them anyway. Ended up being long again but w/e. Respond when/if you get a chance.
vegeta8639 Aug 10, 2017 7:26 AM
There is no reason to believe that a heaven even exists in this show. Otonashi was probably just floating around in some kind of limbo (if you want to call the school limbo, think of this as a 2nd limbo before you reach the school) and the reason for this should be his memory loss if we want to take Yuri's words at face value. There could be another reason such as him needing to meet Kanade at that specific time and not before.
There is a visual novel in the making with the first part out so we may get more answers eventually.
As for what happened after Kanade disappeared, I don't think she needed to wait that long. Otonashi probably just disappeared shortly after her which is supported by the final ending credits where people are disappearing one by one in the same order as the anime and also the final scene where they seem to be meeting in the real world. You're probably thinking of the "Another epilogue" extra scene now and I think that's probably an alternate ending which could again be verified by the visual novel eventually. You can tell by my score that I wasn't to happy with the alternate ending though. . . It's fucking garbage.
For now we have to wait but I see no reason to assume the existence of some heaven where these people are waiting. It would be simpler for them to be in some limbo state until whatever they are waiting for happens. Occam's razor and all that.

"I don't understand though, if Kanade got his heart, then does that mean Otonashi had no heart since his arrival?"

Correct. I'll admit this doesn't make too much sense since if you got your head crushed in life, would you end up in the afterlife headless?
Perhaps it only happens if your organs are used by someone else? As in his heart is still alive in the real world so only the rest of him goes. That could work.

"Yeah they revive when they die, but how the fuck can you live without a heart?"

I mean, how can you revive when you die? You have to accept some supernatural phenomena if you want to watch the anime. I really don't see why this would be a problem.

"How do you remember forgotten memories by hearing your own heart beat from another body? "

This is actually the LEAST improbable thing in the whole show. There have been cases where Alzheimer's patients suddenly recall lost memories when they listen to something like a song they used to listen too. Studies have been done on rats where smelling a certain fragrance causes them to remember and electric shock they felt earlier. The rats also had something akin to Alzheimer's btw. Your brain just stores all these things and when a certain familiar stimuli is received, other parts of the brain which hold memories also light up and you remember them again.
Of course we can't test this with your own heartbeat since you'd be dead but since we hear out heartbeats all the time, it should work.
Babies also react differently to their mother's heartbeat so there's a precedent both for humans recognizing different heartbeats and reacting in a certain way when hearing them.

"And why does Hayato have hypnosis"

He learned it after arriving in the school. He shouldn't have had access to Angel Player so perhaps he just happened to figure it out but it comes from the same source as Kanade's powers.
She on the other hand found Angel Player at some point and from there learned how to program her own powers into the world. The whole world seems to be something like a computer program and you can use PCs to make changes if you know how. That's pretty well explained.
And yes, other people could get powers too. The reason why they didn't try is because they though Kanade was an angel with special powers and they didn't know about Angel Player until very late into the show. By then they didn't really have much time to tinker with it and they didn't even have an enemy to fight anymore.

"Why didn't Hayato hypnotize the Angel clones or the NPC monsters?"

Both were probably immune to it. I imagine he tried it on Kanade already with no success. Maybe you need to have a weak mind for it to work. That's usually the case with hypnosis. Or maybe she'd kill him before he finishes. The monsters don't even have minds.

"And why didn't the Angel clones go after them after they got rid of the characters body slamming them?"

No argument here. It made sense with the first guy because he was fat and knew judo but definitely not with the others. They just turned the whole thing into a joke and clearly some of them didn't even fall on her. I agree, that scene was kind of stupid but I don't think it's a big deal.
The clones should be just as strong as Kanade since the first one managed to draw when fighting her. They probably revive when killed too.

"But I do like the anime (since the anime that I don't like are rated 4 and below)"

Dude you have Fairy Tale and Accel world at an 8. Kimi ni Todoke at a 7. . . And the 2nd season at 5, God. (•_•)
Koe no Katachi at a 6. . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

" No, my #1 favorite character is Light. Who is your most favorite character? My guess would be Kanade am I right? "

Oh I just assumed it would be a girl. So Rem is your best girl then. I can respect that. I actually had Light on my list for 3 years and he was the only male character left on there but I took him off to make more space a few months ago. He's definitely my favourite male character.
After that would be Hei from Darker than Black. As for female characters, like I said I don't like ranking them as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd but yea I guess Kanade would be No. 1. At least in terms of who is the most perfect. If I was going to spend time with one of them though, might as well pick a random number from 1 to 4 and select one of the other 4 girls I mentioned in my previous post. I couldn't really decide.
Maybe I'd just pick Rem or Naruse. . . .or Shizuku or Tama. . .Fuck it I refuse to rank them.
vegeta8639 Aug 9, 2017 8:50 AM
If you're talking about the ending, I don't see why people say it's a plot hole. Otonashi dies, he gets put in limbo because he lost his memories and gets sent to the school possibly years later. It was never explained exactly how the system works so this isn't a plot hole. Kanade goes there because she wants to thank him which is why she can't leave before he shows up, making her stay there for a long time while other people are coming and going. He might have been put there to meet her specifically at that time (perhaps in order to fulfill her wish) or it could have been random and his soul just needed time getting there. Still, it should be extremely obvious why I like the show "Kanade=best girl (objectively)"
It's pretty hard to pick one though. I usually just go with top 5 instead of trying to rank them. It's easier on my head/heart that way.
Rem's obviously in there. Other 3 would be Naruse, Shizuku and Tama. I'll take a wild guess that Kanna from that Dragon show is your favourite if Rem is No.2. Haven't seen that show yet but it's on my list.

I think most people just put everything they want to watch on their "Plan to watch" list. They tend to get so massive to the point where nobody will ever complete it as new titles keep getting added faster than you can watch. I've got almost 500 titles on there which is actually larger than my completed list. Another tip, don't add all the seasons of a show to your PTW. The first season is enough to remind you the shows exists and it clogs up less space. Either way, Paranoia Agent is really good. I obviously don't want to spoil anything but the ending is amazing. It ties everything together nicely even though the show may seem episodic at times. I disliked maybe 1 or 2 episodes which is why I didn't rate it higher.

I used to watch a lot more anime in the past, like just marathoning a 12 episode show in a night. Now I just watch a few episodes whenever I feel like it. Maybe more if I really like a show. Fate/Apocrypha is the only one I'm following weekly and I'm currently watching Oniichan dakedo 6 episodes in. It's pretty shitty honestly. Oh and if you want to know what I think about a particular show, click the "more" next to the anime on my list and I always write my thoughts in the "comments" if I've seen in it in the past few years. Also the date when I watched it.
vegeta8639 Aug 8, 2017 9:33 AM
Hello friend, I see you have Rem on your list so I accepted your friend request. You have some excellent anime on your favorites list too. You clearly have good taste even though you gave Angel Beats! a 6/10 for some reason. If you like Satoshi Kon is strongly recommend Paranoia Agent as it's his best work IMO.
I'm down to talk about anime if you want.
Hana_Poko Jul 24, 2017 12:08 PM
Hey there. That's a good question. The main reason is I watched most of the shows on the list before I made this account. And then since I didn't haven't rated any of them, I usually forget to attach a score on to the newer ones that I've completed. I actually keep a mental score of some shows lol. Personally, I think I should also rewatch some of the ones to give an accurate score, just for fairness. Does it bother you that there's rarely a score attached? 😂
Yaboku Jul 20, 2017 10:21 AM
Woah, calm down.
Yaboku Jul 20, 2017 4:26 AM
Maybe not. *shrugs*
Yaboku Jul 16, 2017 4:39 AM
Hm, it depends on how ''ugly'' he would be. His design is one of the many reasons why I like his character.
Yaboku Jun 16, 2017 11:02 AM
Hi! I did make a blog explaining why I like it so you can check that out. ^^
SweetMonia May 10, 2017 12:24 AM
You're welcome!

It's a mix of both, but it is randomized if I am to pick one. I hope you didn't mind that. ^^
SickeninglySweet May 8, 2017 8:51 PM
Awwwww thank you <3
SickeninglySweet May 6, 2017 5:49 PM
You don't approve? Lol