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Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou
Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou
24 minutes ago
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Ninja Slayer From Animation
Ninja Slayer From Animation
1 hour ago
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Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro
Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro
2 hours ago
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Ryushika Ryushika
Ryushika Ryushika
2 hours ago
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Aug 18, 1:50 PM
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Aug 10, 10:23 PM
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0bsidian Jul 3, 3:53 PM
Happy Birthday dude :>
DarkRoseOtaku May 25, 9:03 PM
So after much talk and heart searching and all that bull, my boyfriend and i are breaking up and since i have no where to live nor make enough money to live on my own, im making the long ass trip to Ohio AGAIN! basically, he isnt ready to support a relationship and focuses on school. Im ready to get married. Since im working retail, i can ask for a transfer so that i can hopefully keep my job.
Apparently NONE of my siblings have jobs. they all got laid off..... and the number for unemployment is somehow at 5%. oh and bobby (my now ex) has a cousin living here and she lost 2 jobs in the last 4 months. Life is getting crazy.
I'm worried that I may relapse back into anxiety and depression once i move due to all the stress and the fact that i know no one in that state.

Dang, that's disappointing to hear about kabaneri. and i noticed that a lot of awesome shonen anime are only getting a half season. i love that they gave kuroko no basuke 3 full seasons to complete the manga! i really hope someone remakes Tokyo Ghoul cause its a best selling manga in Japan and USA yet the anime was so poorly made and animated!!

sometimes peaceful anime are boring, some give me a sense of amazement and well, peace of mind like Mushishi. it was an episodic slow show but then again it had fantasy organisms that made strange things happen. Aria was very slow and quiet. it was beautiful but it couldn't keep my interest.
DarkRoseOtaku May 23, 4:18 PM
well wow im bad its been a whole month since u replied

the last two fire emblem games thankfully do not have permadeath.

i want to watch my hero acedemia and of course Kabaneri but isk y i havent yet lol. i saw Joker game last night when i couldn't sleep and its really interesting.

unfortunately i have to go so my reply is lamer than usual!
DarkRoseOtaku Apr 19, 8:55 AM
dude, eventually we wil never talk to each other! lets not procrastinate!

Awakening is the first game to have a difficulty set so that people don't perminantly die. so yeah, it helps a lot lol

well i only saw a few episodes of and clips of gintama and i personally thought that the jokes were stretched out too long. but osumatsu-san is definitely similar.

Erased was VERY good. the one down side was how small the cast was so you could easily narrow the suspect down. still very emotional. None of those other shows are on crunchyroll. XP i try to not watch things illegally anymore since there are SOO many being streamed as soon as they come out! i want to support it! Funimation really needs to fix their site cause its ugly and the videos ALWAYS freeze at the beginning and the quality is never that good. I sent them an email about that but THEY NEVER GOT BACK TO ME even when i was a paying customer!

yeah i saw the previews. its definitely a zombie steam punk AOT lol

I definitely saw them! i dont really do anything on FB though.

I'm doing ok and as usual, don't really have much to say other than my bad luck at finding a decent job.
DarkRoseOtaku Mar 7, 6:16 PM
well im not good at responding fast either so all is forgiven lol

im attempting to loose weight but like most people, it isnt working out so well lol. i have been counting my calories its just that some days i eat 1300kcal and others its 1700kcal pffft. to lose weight i should eat around 1400kcal a day. ive started drinking the new slim fast shakes that have more protein and they really do help with overeating. i just dont drink them everyday. i also havent been exercising but once it gets warmer that should help.

i bought Fire Emblem Birthright and i married my bro, Takumi. pfft. games are amazing. Apparently he's voiced by Yuki Kaji (he voiced Eren Yeager in AOT) but i havent seen an option to play the game with the japanese voices like the last game :(

well im currently watching Osomatsu-san and its friggin hilarious! I have heard Erased is good but i havent started it yet. Im watching A certain magical index 2 with my bf and i randomly decided to show him "daily lives of high school boys/danshi koukousei no nijijou" and its just as hilarious as i remember!
DarkRoseOtaku Feb 17, 11:26 AM
well its only just been introduced in the north east lol. i still see wraps and the clubhouse advertised here. i love the clubhouse but i wont pay $7 for a sandwich at mcdonalds. i just get the $2 grilled onion cheddar burger. its never advertised anymore but thankfully places still have it.

I havent worked in a vet clinic since i moved? ive been looking since september! XP i work at walgreens and well its simple so its ok.

ohh yeah. you know u can just get a tablet and use firealpaca, medibang paint or another free program that works on ipads or windows! make sure the tablet comes with a pressure sensitive pen!
DarkRoseOtaku Feb 10, 2:26 PM
soooo do you guys that the issue with cheeseless mozzarella sticks? it seems to be a thing even over here. my bf got some and there was no cheese!

blehhhhhh but its efforrtttttt -lazy-

im getting deeper into the adult world as i deal with my new retail job, still finding a better job with my degree, car and health insurance and money. ugh money. i need more.

make sure you have a good mic too! i have a professional one that i don't even use lol it was about $50 and connects to the computer!
DarkRoseOtaku Feb 3, 3:14 PM
I'm sorry. i never seem to be in the mood to type replies anymore. my brain cannot think of anything new to say.

well i guess i lost interest cause i havent even tried to play since then. i bought 2 other games around that time and i haven't really touched those either. Even the one game my bf got and i actually liked to play. I simply always forget about the games unless they are on the iphone.

Terraria is freaking weird. my brother played it. the enemies are disturbing.

Dang! I havent ever been promoted or gotten any raises in any job I've had. >.> they must really like you. but how'd it go with the shipyard?

i never make any resolutions on new years, i make them whenever i need them which is quite often lol
DarkRoseOtaku Dec 30, 2015 10:24 PM
well it turns out that the charge was an error and the item wasnt shipped and the company (Crunchyroll) said they never got payment. sooo the credit card company is trying to contact them about that.

I honestly stopped playing for a while. i got to the angry mannequin and it kept killing me and then i just stopped playing. XP
Unholy Heights does sound amusing.

so my christmas was good. my bf gave me gift cards, tokyo ghoul blu ray, Catherine for ps3 and a drawing tablet.
DarkRoseOtaku Dec 8, 2015 7:39 PM
I moved my laptop and the stuff on top of the keyboard typed a penis??? lol

idk, is being an emotional wreck and popping prescribed pills 'being good' :o

$400 is WAYYY over spending for me lol I don't think I've spent more than $200 on gifts!

SO i preordered a Free! Rin figurine back in May and the order suddenly went through and shipped!! I will soon get to experience the booty.

I go to bed at 2am most of the time. lol what time did you go to bed? 6? As for jobs, im still looking. Yeah.

Also i just bought Undertale. will start playing now i guess. I still havent finished Shin Megam,i Tensei 4 on my 3ds. its intense!
DarkRoseOtaku Dec 6, 2015 12:14 PM
Soo are you gonna buy me a gift? :p jk I'm buying my bf a game and a shirt but thats it. I only have about $75 to spend on gifts XP

So how much do you spend a year on anime merch? o.o like $700???

Thanksgiving was pretty normal. I tried making green bean casserole but the thing never cooked! it was in the oven for over an hour but the beans where still raw! that was a bummer cause i loved it when my mother made is a couple years ago.

How is your 3rd shift going? drinking lots of coffee?? lol
DarkRoseOtaku Nov 21, 2015 12:16 PM
thats good! I still dont have a solid job but i got a seasonal job at Macys as a cashier and idk how many hours I'll even get. Ive never gotten 'paid holiday' cause i worked on holidays but i didnt get anything extra. XP

I see really seductive fanart of Undertale and I'm really wanting to stay away form it now lol. idk where it came from. it just appeared everywhere like Slenderman and Five Nights at Freddys. Also i wont be spending money on much of anything cause i have no income. i only spend it on food and clothes and gas.
DarkRoseOtaku Nov 12, 2015 6:35 PM
stress cause of work and stress cause you cant find work. well at least u get money with one to pay for car and rent and what ever but everything is just stress!!!!

ah ive played adventure capitalist. its a game u can only play once every hour or so though. I just now started playing a shark game where you eat everything. and a korean soccer game called soccer spirits that my bf seems to like a lot, i dont even like the game i constantly played on the iphone until the previous one broke 2 weeks ago...
I got a new iphone6. with my own money. it really isnt exciting.... well yeah depression.

went job searching all day to no avail. -sighs- i mean i do have an interview tomorrow but ive had 'just interviews' where they really dont ask anything and just show u around and never call back. i used to at least get a 2nd working interview when i got out of college. :

i'l be feasting on my soulless husk
DarkRoseOtaku Oct 31, 2015 2:42 PM
I havent really gotten too into it dispite how much i love the characters. I watch an episode every now and then but thats it. I think the actual competitions are a bit boring, guess i need them to be super flashy like in kuroko. lol

do do you still enjoy working at mcdonalds? it sounds like you have a decent team to work with which can really make or break a job. And i still havent found one for myself. :

I randomly bought Shin Megami tensei iv a few days ago and its DIFFICULT. I think im taking too long to get ahead as well cause im supposed to be at tokyo by 5-7 hours but im 8 hours in and nothings been mentioned. well its normal for me to take forever to level up. idk y cause i always level grind but it takes me longer than most people.

oooh cosplaying. did u make it all on your own? i want pics!
DarkRoseOtaku Oct 26, 2015 11:20 PM
I feel so bad whenever i reply with like 3 sentences after your paragraphs XD Ive never been good at writing a lot

We literally only saw one episode pfffT! It looks promising though. I watch some stuff on my own like Haikyuu! and some weird reverse harem musical animes.......

skldjslkfdkf Jurassic World is aWESOME. I mean its dumb that they even opened the door to let the clearly messed up in the head rex hybrid out but yeah DINOSAURS!!! Do you plan on watching the Star Wars vid? I sure as fuck am!

so do you work full time at Mc Donalds now that you're 18 or just staying at part time. wait did you finish school or is this your last year???

AHAHAA gamestop. I buy my games on amazon then sell them back when im tired of them! I just made $75 selling 6 games I havent touched in years including two pokemon games. Now I ALWAYS have issues figuring out what game ot try out cause im picky and I recently only play stuff on my 3ds. Though now that im with my bf i can add the psvita to the mix. I wish there was a MAL for video games lol

As for life, I'm still looking fior a job but im getting off my antidepressants! its going good so far! Still bored as hell most of the time.