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Jan 23, 2011
Durarara!! is a very interesting anime with the main plotline being broken down into three core arcs centering around the main characters conflicts, secrets, and emotions.

Story (9) : Durarara!! takes place in a city called Ikebukoro where a hand full of people including the seemingly average protagonist, Ryugamine Mikado, have a handful of secrets. The first few episodes are more of character introductions and what kind of city Ikebukoro is, but although these first episodes were character intros. They somehow tied into the main story as well as show how some characters are related to each other as well, read more
Jun 26, 2010
Clannad ~After Story~......the first anime to actually get me emotionally distrought on mulitiple occasions. This is also the first anime I've seen that actually made me want to write this review.

What can I say, Clannad ~After Story~ is indeed a masterpiece of an anime. Picking up off where Clannad left off, Clannad ~After Story~ delves further into the life of Nagisa & Okazaki. What's so good about Clannad ~After Story~ from its predecessor Clannad, is that the story really progresses & focuses more on Nagisa & Okazaki. I loved the characters in Clannad and loved they're story arcs because they were read more