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Feb 14, 2016
(Disclamer : This review will also include bits and pieces from the movie, also I’m sorry if there’s a tiny bit of spoiler material inside, I will try my best to reduce it)

Now, this is my first time watching this type of anime as I’ve always sticked to stuff like Physiological anime, supernatural anime, horror and those kind of stuff. Luckily, I entered the anime challenge and decided to pick up anohana as a different type of supernatural anime.. It’s a different type of supernatural anime that I usually end up watching.

Now , Anohana : The The Flower We Saw That Day is an anime read more
Feb 6, 2016
Ah yes, the studio to one of the first anime I’ve seen (Production I.G) when I started out anime, Attack On Titan; with numerous titles that I’ve haven’t got the time to watch (However I want to) like Psycho-pass, FLCL, Ghost in the shell, that I’ve only heard nothing but greatness about them. This time, is the same once again, with one of the most anticipated manhwa to grace the screen as an anime series (although this time it is a single ONA), Noblesse: Awakening.

Now how did the story go, for a 30 minute ONA... If I could give an analogy to this, it would read more
Jan 18, 2016
Disclaimer : This is the first time I’m writing a review, so I do apologized if there’s any mistake. Also please be kind if there’s any ideas that I put here, badly written or explained. I would also like to say that my English is not perfect, so sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes and what not. I’ve also only seen about 20 anime so far, but I want to write an anime about this because of it’s perfection in my eyes. I will also write this review, in a subjective form of manner, which is seen and written under my point of view.

There might read more