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Spy x Family
Oct 18, 12:07 AM
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Hana ni Arashi
Oct 17, 11:59 PM
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Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru
Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru
Oct 16, 12:39 PM
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blueraven1999 Oct 19, 7:31 AM
Thank you. Just watched Lupin III part 6 episode 0.
It's kinda sad that it's Jigen's voice actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi's last episode
but it was a good sendoff for him.

It was a good episode and I enjoyed it a lot. He was the last of the original
voice actors so I'll miss him. He had a good run though. Fifty years of voicing Jigen.
He'll be missed. I hope he has a good retirement.
blueraven1999 Oct 17, 9:12 PM
I don't play Smash enough to buy the DLC either but Sora is cool so I'm thinking about it.
Probably won't though.

On the plus side my hand is better now. It has been since Thursday so that's good.
Haven't played Pokemon Snap yet since I haven't been in the mood for video games
but it' s on my list of things to do.

The Monster Hunt event for Tetris 99 was just to get its theme song. Still fun to do.
I enjoy it being able to listen to other game's music while playing Tetris 99.
Animal Crossing, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Super Mario Bros, and Zelda are my favorite themes.

A normal grocery store near you might have the marshmallow chocolate cookie dough cake.
That's where I got mine.
blueraven1999 Oct 16, 4:53 AM
I've been meaning to ask you what you think about Sora being in Smash now.
I think it's pretty cool. Not my first choice since that's Shovel Knight but
Sora's my third choice so I'm happy with it.

Just watched a Toonami YT video you might like.
Bonsai Pop has made a lot of good anime YT videos. His one on Trigun is great.
Anyway here's the link:
blueraven1999 Oct 13, 1:39 AM
Thank you. All I did for my birthday was go visit my grandma
at her nursing home along with my mom and dad. My mom
drove since I have a bad left hand. We ate the food from Applebees there.

The last two days it's been mostly better but tonight it started hurting
again so I'm not over it yet unfortunately. I'm hoping it's temporary.
I took the Naproxen I was prescribed so that should help soon.

Congrats on your new job. I'm happy for you.
I hope you find a good cookie dough cake. They're not at my local grocery store all the
time but sometimes it has chocolate chip cookies with frosting on them designed as
smiley faces. They're cute and delicious.

Since my arm isn't all the way better yet I haven't played Pokemon Snap yet. Got that from my dad.
Not sure if I mentioned that in my last message to you. Instead I've still been playing Tetris 99 since
I can easily play that for a short amount of time without it bothering my hand. It had a event over the weekend
and I unlocked a new theme for Monster Hunter.
blueraven1999 Oct 9, 12:58 AM
I called my dad Thursday night to tell him what my mom wanted from Applebees.
Over the weekend I had told him what I wanted but he forgot what it was so I told him
again over the phone what I wanted.

He wrote it down. I asked for chicken quesadillas along with the quesadilla burger
which is great there and my mom told me she wanted the Southwest Chicken bowl.

My dad got the same thing. It was too spicy for my dad and my mom but they still liked it.
I'm the only one who likes that kind of spice in my family. My mom likes Indian spice and my dad
doesn't like spice at all.

I mostly just had the chicken quesadillas along with most of the french fries that came with
the quesadilla burger. It was great plus I still have the quesadilla burger as leftovers.

This year I got my own cake slice at the grocery store near me. Even with one bad arm it was easy
enough to pick up. It's Marshmallow chocolate chip cookie dough. It's just as good at the cake slice I normally
get from Maxim's. Which is right near my dad's.

I would have picked up a slice of chocolate pudding cake from there this year but I didn't because of my arm.
Anyway it was nice to have something different and just as good.
blueraven1999 Oct 9, 12:42 AM
Had a good birthday yesterday.
I woke up with a bad left arm on Tuesday
and when it got worse Wed morning, I figured I had tendonitis again.

It's the same thing as last time and I have rotator cuff tendonitis. Luckily
I still had some of the pain medication left since I last had it in Spring this year.

On the plus side it works very well. I went to urgent care at the clinic I normally go to on Wed
since it's hard to see my doctor and that way I could get the rest of the medication I needed.
Tizanidine is the one I needed for the swelling and it's definitely helped.

I think I'm about 80 percent better. Since I have a bad arm and I live very close to my mom
she picked me up and we went to visit my grandma at the nursing home together.
My dad lives closer to Applebees so I asked him a couple weeks ago if he'd pick up the food.

My mom paid for the meal as part of my present. Plus I got a card from her with some cash.
Got a card and cash from my grandma as well. My dad paid me back for the Pokemon Snap game
I bought from Best Buy over the weekend and I gave it to him to wrap. So Pokemon Snap was from
him plus he got me a funny card. It has a llama on the front side.

So except for not having the best time in my mom's car because of the bumps, it was a great birthday.
I'm glad I didn't have to drive. Hopefully next year I'll continue the trend of having one without a hurt arm.
It could have been worse though. Until Friday morning it was bothering me a lot and after exercising on my
stationary bike in the basement Friday morning, it was a lot better than it was before.

I've been practicing lifting my arm at my side to see how bad it is after doing arm exercises. Before I could barely lift my left arm
away from my body and now I can lift it up to shoulder length. I still feel tightness and stiff at my left shoulder so
it's not totally better yet. I'm hoping it will be by Monday.
blueraven1999 Sep 23, 7:38 PM
I hope so. Code Black seems good so far.
I still like the main series the most though.

I started the second season but unfortunately it's only 8 episodes.
I've already watched the first two so it won't take long to watch.

Just finished Quintessential Quintuplets S2 but for some reason
the last ep doesn't show up on my last anime updates list. It still shows
the last episode I watched was Cells at Work! from yesterday.

Which is weird. I don't know why it did that. Anyway I'll be finishing a lot
of shows this week.
blueraven1999 Sep 14, 11:05 PM
The original Cells at Work is a comedy but Cells at Work: Code Black has
a different tone. It's a lot darker than Cells at Work since it's a spinoff.

I've watched the original Cells at Work but not the second season so
I'll eventually get to that. I'm just not ready yet. Once I finish a couple shows,
I probably will.
blueraven1999 Sep 9, 8:32 PM
I'm still not sure what to think about Magus' Bride. It's good but it's too serous for me
to enjoy as much as other shows. I'll probably think the same way about Cells at Work! Code
Black after awhile but right now I'm just enjoying watching something new.

It had different characters than the main ones in the main story Cells at Work!
so that's cool. I started watching How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom last week and I'm
enjoying it a lot.

For me it's been several seasons where I haven't had a lot to watch so I'm used to it. I'm
just glad Komi can't Communicate is getting a anime adaption. I've enjoyed the manga a lot.
I've heard there's another show I like that's getting another season next season but I'm not sure which.

I think it's the InuYasha sequel.
gothmeds Sep 6, 2:48 AM
Thank you so much! <3
blueraven1999 Sep 3, 8:03 PM
I hope you're doing okay. I've heard a lot of bad things about Hurricane Ida
lately. I'm slowly catching up on my anime. I'm not watching much this season
so it isn't hard to catch up. Only three shows along with my ongoing shows Detective Conan and One Piece.

I'm mostly watching shows from other seasons like the Quintessential Quintuplets,
Non Non Biyori Nonstop, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and The Disastrous life of Saiki K. season 2.
Almost done with that season of Saiki.

One of these days I'll go back to watching Lupin III part 2 but the last several episodes I watched
were pretty meh. Pretty much ever since I hit episode 90 something. So it's going to be awhile.
I'm slowly catch up with Detective Conan. Pretty sure I'm only three years behind now.
blueraven1999 Aug 22, 3:21 AM
I don't blame you about the Christmas store. At least there's nothing in it yet.
Visited my dad on Saturday and I was complaining about it to him.

We rewatched part of A Night in Casablanca (one of the last Marx Brothers movies).
I remember it being one of their lesser movies but my dad and I are enjoying it a lot so far.
It's not as bad as I remembered.

I found a pair of sandals that I really like and I showed them to my mom on Friday.
She liked them a lot and was trying to get me to buy another pair before they disappear.
I told her that I wanted to wait until next year but there's a good chance in October I'll buy another pair.

She introduced me to Ecco sandals in the first place over ten years ago. The store that she showed me
The Walking Company is gone now though. I'm glad I found a new shoe store in the mall that's close to
a jewelry store that's near Barnes & Noble. Never ended up going to the clothing store that had the anime
shirts but I'll go another time.

Definitely didn't want to buy another pair at first since I'm still breaking in the first pair. Right now they're
still a little too tight around the toes but it's slowly getting better with time. It's a really cool Ecco brand
of sandals since it's so colorful. There's pink, orange, yellow, and a little bit of beige on them.

Thanks. It was fun to see the kids one last time last Sunday. They're good kids and I'll happily have their
pictures on the side of my fridge for years.
blueraven1999 Aug 20, 10:33 AM
Also when I was shopping at the mall this week, I found a store that sold
anime shirts. Bought a Hunter X Hunter shirt but I didn't realize until after I bought
it that the design was on the back.

Didn't realize that the changing room was open until after I bought the shirt
so I ended up trying it on afterwards. It fit well though so I'm glad I didn't have to return it.

When I go sandal shopping at the mall today I plan on going back there and buying at least one
more anime shirt. There was a Sesshomaru shirt there that I want to buy as well.
blueraven1999 Aug 20, 10:25 AM
The boy Paarthav gave me a gift before then actually.
When I said I liked Reese's Peanut butter cups he was sweet and gave
me his. That's the main reason why I decided to share my fortune cookies
with them. Yashi was trying to share her toys with me but I wanted her to keep them obviously.

In my last babysitting job, Vishnu's and Chandra's parents didn't like them
having sweets very often so naturally I tried to have the kids stay away from sweets.
But Paarthav's and Yashi's mom is a bit more relaxed on sweets so that was good.

Thanks. The side of my thumb doesn't hurt now unless I put pressure on it.
So unfortunately typing bothers me a little bit, but not much. I've been low on clothes
that fit me for awhile so I went shopping this week.

Mostly I needed shorts so I ended up buying three of them. I'm wearing one of the shorts right
now. It's navy blue with white leaves on it. I like it a lot. It's one of the few shorts I have that
has a pattern on it. The other one that was white with black stripes has a small hole in it so I stopped
wearing it.

All the rest have no patterns with only a single color. I'll be back to shopping again today since on
Wednesday the sandals I've been wearing for over ten years finally broke. The side of the right sandal did
at least and it's awkward to wear it now. They're ecco sandals and I'm going to wear them to the mall
today to see if I can buy a pair that's similar to them.

I didn't notice if the shoe stores at the mall are closed or not. A lot of stores in the mall have been closed
for a long time. It's sad to see. There was a new shoe store Shoe Carnival but it might be closed now.
When I was walking through the food court earlier this week, I don't remember if the pizza joint Sbarro is closed
or not. It might be.

I'll let you know later if it is. I noticed some stores are temporarily closed and the Christmas store while not open
is already set up. Which is disgusting. Halloween is closer to now than Christmas is. Why can't the Halloween store
be set up instead?
blueraven1999 Aug 17, 7:54 PM
Thank you. Yeah and most days I had the kids for 9 hours 15 minutes or 9 hours 30 minutes.
One day last week I had them for 10.

Pulled a splinter out of my thumb about 8:45 PM and it's almost 10 PM now my time so
I'll make this short. It was there since I hurt the left side of my right thumb on the side of their door last week
and I didn't realize it was a splinter until today. Luckily it came out easily after a shower but
it still hurts a bit. Put more healing cream on it so it will heal faster.

Hope you get a new job soon. I think Paartav will enjoy the blue eyes. I'm very happy with the
art I got from both of them. It's on the left side of my fridge along with one picture from Vishnu from
when he was five.