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Mar 29, 2020
After Orange changed the perception of CGI in the anime industry with Houseki no Kuni, we finally got our first good CGI anime that wasn't made by Orange.

Dorohedoro takes place in a world where class differences are at the forefront. There's two kind of people: Magic users and others. While magic users live in a better world, the people who can't use magic live in a place called Hole and only magic users can travel between two worlds. For magic users, denizens of Hole are just crumbs and because of that they are using them for their magic experiments. Of course Hole people don't wait read more
Mar 28, 2020
First of all let me settle down a thing for people who still didn't watch Ishuzoku Reviewers even after youtube videos and reddit memes about it. Although it looks like a harem anime because of its cover, this anime isn't a harem show; it's a brothel show. Our main characters are going to brothels, evaluate women of different species there and write reviews about them. So in this anime, you can find all kinds of fetishes from wings to tentacles. Ishuzoku Reviewers is the ultimate anime for everyone who likes women. By the way, that was the whole plot of Ishuzoku Reviewers, there's nothing except read more
Mar 26, 2020
Finally a great anime which focuses on a dad-daughter duo without incestuous tones.

Our story takes place in a world where the human race is beginning to become extinct due to other races hunt humans. In this world, golems are creatures who protects forests' order and one of those golems finds a human girl in his forest. With this girl, he goes on a journey to find the surviving people because of some spoiler-ish reasons. In this journey, they encounter with another travelers like them and start learn real reason that behind the human's extinction. However, even though Somali to Mori no Kamisama has a good read more
Mar 26, 2020
Do you like cat girls? Do you dream about cat girls every night when you put your head on the pillow? Has your love for cat girls now reached a fetish level? Then you are at the right place! Nekopara is with you to make your innocent dreams come true!

Nekopara is an anime which adapted from an eroge that places in a world where cats are humanoid livings which can talk and act like humans, but they're still pets. Nekopara anime has an interesting concept for kemonomimi fetishists but for normal people, it's just another boring slice of life anime with no plot or special read more
Mar 25, 2020
People are saying Bofuri is similar to Sword Art Online and Tate no Yuusha just because its protagonist using a shield as weapon while playing a VRMMO. I think it's a very wrong comparison because of in SAO and TnY characters have danger of death, so almost all of the events are more serious; but there's no serious thing in Bofuri. This show is about a young girl who tries to play an MMO with her friends.

Bofuri doesn't have a complicated plot. We can summary its plot like: Our protagonist Maple starts to playing a new VRMMO, joins events, takes side quests and makes new read more
Mar 23, 2020
Seton Gakuen is an anime which tries to tell; even the people with completely different characteristics can get along and become good friends, you don't have to be like the other person to make friends with him/her. That's a pretty good main message for a show like Seton Gakuen but execution of the message is very weak because of it's main focus is never that message, it's main focus is comedy. To be honest Seton Gakuen has some great comedy scenes but its comedy gets boring very quickly because it makes the same jokes over and over again. For example, the joke about the sloth read more
Mar 20, 2020
Welcome to another episode of: "OMG THIS SHOW IS VERY STUPID AND EDGY!"

Darwin's Game has a basic start for a "death game" themed anime. A normal school student suddenly finds himself in the midst of deadly events and starts to beat everyone with his somehow strategic intelligence. However, pacing of subsequent events is very slow. We have a scavenger hunt event in the midst of the show and that event lasts for six episodes. Scavenger hunt event could easily be handled in just three or four episodes but Darwin's Game has so many unnecessary dialogues and because of that half of the season wasted on read more
Mar 7, 2020
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is an anime like weekend cartoons that most of us have watched in childhood. It's sometimes emotional, mostly funny and always energetic.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun mostly focuses on comedy but there are also life lessons in its story, and that story progresses with mini-arcs.

Welcome to Netherworld Arc:
This is our classic arc that moves in style that you can find in most anime (especially in isekai). Our protagonist starts to live in a new world/environment, makes new friends, tries to figure out the norms of this new world/environment and while these are happening we are slowly starting to explore the world of the anime. read more
Feb 24, 2020
If you think Overflow's synopsis sounds like the manhwa hentai that called "My Brother Slipped Inside Me In A Bathtub" don't worry about whether your subconscious is dirty, because this anime really is adapted from that hentai.

Overflow’s story is a basic hentai story: Our MC bangs his sisters. Actually not his real sisters. These girls are his childhood friends (don’t believe it, they’re actually our MC’s cousins but anime takes it more softly), occasionally they visit MC’s house for sleepovers and one of these days an accident happens between MC and his cousi--- I mean his childhood friends, Ayane and Kotone. After that day, MC read more
Sep 22, 2019
First of all if you didn't like the first season of Takagi-san just don't watch this season because it's the same show but if you liked the first season you'll probably like this too.

Story: 1
To be honest I really liked first 5 episodes of the first season because it was fun to watching Takagi and Nishikata's relationship. But after the episode five I realized this show doesn't make a new thing. All episodes based on the same two formula so I got bored too quickly.
Formula 1:
Takagi tries teasing Nishikata and she succeeds.
Formula 2:
Nishikata tries teasing Takagi but Takagi outsmarts Nishikita's outsmarting.

Art: 2
I like different art read more