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Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
Apr 29, 7:09 PM
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Apr 13, 8:46 PM
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Apr 13, 2:37 PM
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Apr 29, 7:10 PM
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Dead Tube
Dead Tube
Mar 30, 2:18 AM
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KazuXSora Mar 3, 10:46 PM
Lel whatever.

Dont mind this review cuz i was REALLY pissed off at the end cuz of the mc's Onee chan (i forgot her name).

I mean i was expecting the author to explain something about her having connection to heaven, the principle and all but he didnt even cover this Mary Sue character.

He used excessive plot armor but didnt even bother to hide it a little bit.
Yea this really pissed me off.

Nvm, have a good day:)
Monarch-Reli Feb 10, 10:09 PM
Yes! I did! XD
Hey I don't blame you they mostly suck, I just played the MMO and FF7. But yeah, it's obvious the author of Konosuba is a BIG nerd. XD
Monarch-Reli Feb 10, 9:21 PM
.... So I've been playing a lot of Black Mage in FF14..... let me tell you right now, you will NEVER understand and appreciate Megumin as a character and her jokes more if have never played one. Do it. Now. It makes it SO much funnier. XD
Monarch-Reli Jan 31, 9:01 PM
Haha, hey that words too! You can have a LOT of fun though! And yes, it will be cringy. <_< But embrace the cringe with your weebs, dammit! XD
Monarch-Reli Jan 29, 5:58 AM
Really? Awe that's freaking hilarious. I love when that happens, haha.

Have you tied looking online? Some are a lot closer than you may think.
And ah, well we usually start by intoducing ourselves, then we have a topic of discussion (that I usually come up with) such as: "Why has dark fantasy returned in anime?" Like I said, I usually come up with the topics each month, I'm considered the "critic" of the three of us that run it, that is me, Lydnsey, and Tyone. >.> While the discussions go on if you're not all that interested in fucking philosophizing every minute, we usually have games you can play too! Like bingo. Video games. Mad libs. Building a cosplay out of freaking nothing--oh that's another thing. During October we have a cosplay contest! It's nothing too fancy, just a small thing where if you want you can dress up as an anime or comic book character or whatever.

We also, of course, watch an anime usually by the end of the club's time, it is only about 2 hours. BUT IT HAS TO BE KID FRIENDLY! .... So everything I like is out. =_=
And how many people attend? Varies, but usually 20-30. We're one of the most popular clubs there so it's kinda hellish to run, and we can often scare away new members. XD We're geeky and cringy, but goddammit--WE EMBRACE IT! xP
I really like it, I remember when I first went and it's honestly a place where you're free from any sort of stigma--.... Well... except if you like something stupid, I am the "critic" figure so to speak and will rant someone's ass off if they try to tell me something is good I think is horrible, so much so Lyndsey has a "rant jar" i have to put money in every time I go on a rant. XD
I actually have a segment we do every once in a while called: "Five minutes with an elitist", that emphasizes my critical, dick aspects to absurdity. Basically, I call on someone to name or shout out an anime, and I bitch or praise it as quickly as I can and continue this for five minutes. It's quite hiliarious and people get a good kick out of it.
Monarch-Reli Jan 28, 8:04 PM
Holy crap it's much more popular than I thought. O.o Seems I was under a misconception that it wasn't as popular there, but hey, that just means that anime really is grasping around the globe. Really glad to hear that, we've been accepted a lot more in the past five years than we have... Well, in most of our lifetime as a whole. <.< (Pokemon does not count....)

Ah, Maryland? This happy-horseshit town is full of weebs, if you ask someone about anime, at the very least they have a friend who knows about it since it's a lot more acceptable now, everywhere I go if I look hard enough there's at least one person with an anime or manga shirt, and at my local bookstores they say manga is one of the top 5 sections, so much so they have posters about a manga sale whenever they happen. And also considering I help run an anime club at my local library, which is one of the most popular clubs there, yeah, I'd say I'm doing PRETTY well. XD

I love conventions, you can find em 6 times a year around the area if you go to Washington, Baltimore, or a harbor. It's filled to the brim with fans and I'm one of em. Now in terms of acceptance, I must admit, the older generations, of course, still see it as weird, but give it one more generation for the oldest chains to be cut, so to speak, and I think just about everyone will at least accept or be aware of it in the area, especially with anime airing every Saturday night on Toonami here.
Monarch-Reli Jan 24, 7:42 AM
Ahaha. I get ya. Oh, do those friends live close or anything by ya, or you grew up with them? Work buddies? You said you lived away from most of the big cities so I was just curious.

Ooh. That's a long one.
First let's get started on: "Reli." That is a reference to: "Relinquished." My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card of all time. Why? Funny story! Me and my father one day when I was very young was watching Yu-Gi-Oh, and then one of the characters summoned the monster: Relinquished. He said: "Huh. That thing looks pretty cool." And that's one of the few memories I have of him left.. Don't wanna get too personal but he left me when I was very young. It's one of the good times I look back on. I frankly find it charming, in a macabre way.

Next! "Monarch." This is a reference to the concept of what a: "Monarch" is, in Dark Souls 2, one of my favorite video games of all time. Basically, the world is stuck in a countless cycle of light and dark--a system created by a man who long ago feared his own mortality--and through his arrogance and unable to bear the weight of a human life, he desired to become a god--this plunged the world into an endless rising and falling of the tide, so to speak. For a while, everything is nice and goody. Cities rise. People are happy. Then eventually, the fire fades, undead begin to appear, people lose their minds, cities come to ruin, etc.
A: "True Monarch", in the eyes of Aldia, my favorite video game character of all time (who I have a tattoo of...), is someone who can break the cycle and choose, not just light to reset the cycle, not just darkness to plunge the world into an endless, forever-void--but someone who can pick more than that and usher in a new age where man is unbound by the cycle. Someone who can be a Monarch of humanity and not be bound the failings of their precursors, someone who can sit on a Throne that does make a choice that just screw themselves more. Someone who ushers in... a new future, haha. It's a concept I always found lovely and very motivating, for me personally as well. ^^
As, once again not to get too personal, but I've made a lot of bad choices in my life, hurt a lot of people, lied to a lot of people, but I just want to leave it behind, enter in a pure future, and just do this:

I'm a big geek.. I know. XD
Monarch-Reli Jan 23, 1:20 PM
Opposite of here, cold as hell and my throat is too. Sun really likes to bake you guys, huh?! XD

So what's the story of your username? Significant...? Random? xP
Monarch-Reli Jan 23, 6:54 AM
.... Sounds like a place in a horror movie. <_<
I imagine when it snows a lot all the creepy crawlies and snakes try to get indoors... must be hell. >_>
Monarch-Reli Jan 23, 5:40 AM
Woah! You've never gone to those places? ... do you live in the "Outback" or something like that? O_O
Monarch-Reli Jan 22, 6:52 PM
Yep, never heard of that... So we'll call it Australian! Lots of tourist there?
Monarch-Reli Jan 22, 6:42 AM
Really?! What food places do they have there then?
Monarch-Reli Jan 21, 5:10 PM
.... Okay true. Admittedly true. It's the same reason why I can't play MMOs anymore. I go: "Man! I get this AWESOME house! ...... W-Why did I sink all that time into it here instead of getting it in real life? >.>" XD

Jesus Christ wtf why isn't everyone allowed a shotgun everywhere they walk! XD .....
Does Outback Steakhouse offend you? <.<
Monarch-Reli Jan 21, 1:33 PM
Never played Trackmania but do know of Forza! I always wanted to get into racing games but I'm like: ".... Why would I want to drive a car in a game... I can already do that in real life." Granted that excuse could be used for anything but it's just me. xP

Ever been bit by anything in Australia btw?
Monarch-Reli Jan 21, 6:32 AM
... Never, ever play the older Dark Souls games, they are even harder to navigate than this and actually, on release Bloodborne was heavily ragged on for how linear in design it is in comparison to other Souls games. It's a bit like an older Zelda game where, you have to explore on your own but in general you can find out where you're going if you're listening to dialogue and moving around enough.

So you play racing games? Wow, you guys are a rarity. I hope they haven't been ruined with microstransactions too. :/