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Sep 28, 2019
Between every name and series that is being aired this year , this is the second project for Ufotable besides the movie Lost butterfly . Due to that .. I can see how much efforts were exerted to achieve this . Or at least , that's how I feel it .

The story is as simple as it seems , our protagonist finds himself in a situation that forces him to take an action towards the threat which is known as demons . from this point , the events flow with him with more events and details that is not very twisted nor read more
Aug 22, 2019
Lost Butterfly

As this being the second of the trilogy Heaven's Feel , it was pretty strong and a very good sequel to carry this franchise . Gave lots of possibilities to the coming events with a variety of thrilling elements . One of Ufotable works that gets to be remembered .

The events are good , bold and mostly unexpected . Good sequence in the events and an obvious changes to the story line . This could carry a huge excitement and blood-pumping scenes , I can't lie about it ... That also gives Fate series its own unique taste and atmosphere overall , read more