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Days: 79.8
Mean Score: 7.15
  • Total Entries1,284
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  • Episodes4,745
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37 minutes ago
Watching 55/74 · Scored 8
Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora
1 hour ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Aug 18, 11:22 AM
Watching 7/24 · Scored 8
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Days: 0.1
Mean Score: 0.00
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3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Aug 17, 10:45 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Aug 14, 11:06 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Aug 14, 9:33 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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amagirinomikoto Aug 20, 6:03 PM
hey man thanks so much !!! only got money for my birthday, that's it hahaha - but i did go out to a fair today. no worries about responding to my pm, honestly i kinda even forgot i sent one to you oops and sorry it was super long too

take your time though, no rush to reply or anything :) thank you again !!!!
AmataxD Aug 18, 6:38 AM
I'm sorry if I felt pushy ^^'

We already managed to repair it and the cause of slow internet was kinda funny. It turned out that all the time that we were blaming the outside receiver to be damaged by a storm in real it was just a cable which had unplugged himself from the router xD
Wait no. Unplugged is a bad word cuz it was plugged but it needed to be pushed harder into the router xD

lol if u wanna call it that yes shes my personal slave

It was supposed to be a joke cuz usually my friends would tell me " go fucking do it yourself" xD

I was kinda depressed some days last weeks but thankfully its better now

Yay, welcome to the club buddy. Same here. But still feeling down.
Ia-san Aug 18, 6:29 AM
Then do it haha ;D Oh, then you've got some good solutions! Problem solved. :)
It's good to read before bedtime because your eyes gets easily tired out when they're "working". It's better than those "helping videos for sleep" on internet lol.... XD
It's good to challenge yourself so... go for it! I started to read Attack on titan when I was like twelve and it really made me better at english! :D
Well, it's more fun to own your manga but, at least you can read it. You can read online too. But poorly it's not a nice thing to do to the author.
Oh c'mon, blobfishs are actually super cute haha! I would want one as a pet. XD
I did drink soya milk in the past for some days, my family didn't like it at all so we stopped. I was quite neutral. Coconut milk sounds yummy though. :D I do wanna be a vegan, I'm working on it. :)
Oh, you have cats? What kind of cats? Do show me picture if you want. ^_^
There are so many who own a dog, so I don't think it's so timecraving. It would be great company. Old sheepdog is (In my opinion) the cutest dog ever! So sad that your grandmothers dog died. :(
B-movies are one of my favorite things to watch also. I hope too that I'll write something great some day haha. :O
Yep :3
Well that sounds like a reasonable score. I get easily attatched to long series so I think i'll score it quite high when I watch it some day. :) Over 50 episodes is one filler-arc and it's so bad. I can't really stand it, so right now I'm pausing it for a while. Maybe your friend dropped it because of that horrible arc. :C I'm just saying the manga is good, though it contains a little bit too much battles, but otherwise than that I liked it. :)
I kind of love-hate spoilers, and i don't know even why... :o If you enjoy it then you should watch it! :)
Oh, I really wanna know the spoiler. But this time, I'll prevent myself ahaha. That's correct, and I think I should score it a little bit higher. I planned to watch S2 this summer, but so many things happened that it got cancelled. Maybe I'll watch it during this autumn?
I hope your mum liked it! I wanna show it to mine but she often sleeps to movies. I usually don't like watching OVA's, but they can be quite interesting. :D
Levi's background is really enjoyable (No regrets OVA), it's the best OVA (if you like Levi). AOT Junior High is funny too... :D
How long do you stay up? I'm curious :O
I did watch the first episode and I actually enjoyed it. :)
Oh, you liked sports? I wish I were more active but I'm too lazy! You would have been a champion if you played against me, for sure haha! XD
I shall stop complain right now, you had 30-38 celcius!? I could never imagine something so hot! :O That sounds really terrible, but you could always put some curtains over your window. :)
Fantastic, wonderful! You have saved me haha :I You've got anime powers? Cool! XD
Cookie, cookie, cookie! COOKIE! Yummy. ^^ Thank you!
Summer and winter holidays are usually a couple of weeks. Other holidays are just a week.
I'm mentallt preparing for school, I quiestion myself if I really will be able to be more active here... much school. :(
Yeah I know, that's why it's really comfortable to respond to you. :)
Yeah, I hope so too!
Our messages just grows longer and longer. D: We should shortener them a little maybe ahahaha. :D
Ramaldina Aug 16, 12:27 PM

Pizza! lol

How r you?
Alexandrax3 Aug 16, 5:54 AM
Thank you so much!!! I had a really great day with my family, friends and bf :D

I got some good gifts (a perfume, a fjällräven bag, and so on)
Yuukinnes Aug 15, 2:45 PM
yeah it just just some cartoon xD
i rewatched card captor wasn't so good as i remember lol
i didn't watch naruto fillers, i skiped all e.e there's no need to watch em anyway~
(btw i changed my "info" do you mind telling me what do you think?)
b-l-a-n-c-h-e Aug 14, 10:23 AM
I got a set of books and some money. :D
AmataxD Aug 13, 10:12 AM
Hi buddy, ya alive? :P

Or mad at me?
SakuraPetals_ Aug 10, 7:22 PM
ohh, that's not good ;c but hopefully!

ah yeah totally, but i just ignore anything I don't wanna see :3
lindapearl Aug 10, 6:35 PM
It’s good that you are okay now. I had a bit of a tough time myself.

I did enjoy it. It is much better than I expected
lindapearl Aug 10, 6:23 PM
I'm okay. How are you?

I'm not watching anything currently. I just finished King's Game. I don't know what I will be watching next.
SakuraPetals_ Aug 10, 6:01 PM
yep! that's the predicament unfortunately ;c

ohh i see, well if you ever wanna do that, just let me know ^^ especially if it's something we're both planning on watching ;3

oh, yeah i've had to deal with lots of weirdos off this site! but yano, that's what the delete button is for, hehe ;3
-Pastelle- Aug 8, 3:42 PM
Sure! Always down for recs. Thanks ^^

I love shounen, action, and fantasy/supernatural the most. Slice of life is also nice as well.
Shiratoria Aug 7, 4:38 PM
Yup, plus the Goku's figurine was a limited edition cx
I'm lucky c:
szny Aug 7, 5:52 AM
Heyyyy dokkerich, it's been a while. I hope you've been doing good.

Haha, I guess so yeah.

I haven't been into new music either. Mostly been trying to listen to older bands/artists for now, trying to get to the roots I guess. Not much luck though lol.

Hmm that sounds like a plan! Do you and your friend travel together often??

Oh that's relatable, haha. Been a rough few days :)

I'm okay now though, took some time out to come back on here and respond, I hope you don't hate me yet!

It's been raining since morning here, been sorta cold. But had a nightmare yesterday, so that was pretty bad haha. And here it never gets too hot. As in, like 30 is probably the highest it can get.