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Jun 17, 2010
This is my most favorite anime, though still feel hurt. but this anime is very good, especially the characters in this anime, explains how the struggle of love.

The first time watching, I felt Tenma is the main character in this anime, but with the passing of Harima Kenji's story turns out to be the main character ..
Harima Kenji is very severe struggle. I was thrilled to watch it ..
Jun 16, 2010
"Opposite" That's all I can say .. This anime is very funny, although Chapternya little but very suitable for reading ...

A story of this anime from start Crossdressing men to women or women to men, from children to the father, while the father becomes the child.

Maybe that's my opinion for this manga ^ ^
Jun 16, 2010
Since childhood, I learned how to play football, turned out I found the anime actually soccer is Whistle. Anime is taught how to play soccer well, though not as famous as the anime Captain Tsubasa. For Soccer, anime is worth to watch. Although Art is too long. but has a storyline that's pretty good.
Jun 16, 2010
Do You Remember This Anime?

Hell Teacher spirits experts, with the original title, Hell Jigoku Sensei (地獄 先生ぬ べ ~ ~, Jigoku Sensei Hell?), Is a manga series created by the collaboration of a writer named Shou Makura and artist Takeshi Okano named in the comic magazine Shonen Jump Weekly published by Shueisha. This series consists of 276 chapters (not including an additional chapter in which the figure "Hell" is known as "Nubo") from the 38th edition, 1993 until 24th edition, 1999. Hell anime series with 48 episodes based on manga with the same title created by Toei Animation, and aired from 1996 until 1997, read more
Jun 16, 2010
" BOXING GIRL? "..... NO NO NO, I dont say that..

This anime is not about the battle between the hands, but a story about a girl that has a great ability to fight.

Synopsis: "Although time has passed quite a while but still, my memory will not disappear when it
The girl who appeared in front of my mother and I are very similar to my mother "

That had in mind the thoughts of a young man named Keita Ibuki. Since the meeting when it was her mother later died. Nine years later, Keita has grown up and worked as a freelance progammer until one day read more
Jun 16, 2010
Akikan! (Anime) add (All reviews)
In this fantasy comedy, Daichi Kakeru is the high school student hero. He's sixteen, a virgin, collects limited edition juice and soda cans as a hobby and has a dream of being able to find the woman of his dreams to live with and have sex with on a constant basis.

I Hope You Don't watch This Anime Heheheh ^^V
Jun 16, 2010
Rival Or Romance? could also rival And Asmara .. Perhaps the story in this anime, including both, but the anime is still favored by teenagers. Because the story includes Slice Of Life and the school day. Anime school systems that exist in the anime is similar to the anime Shugo Chara, The Chosen Students.

Rival's story is the rivalry between Hanazono Hikari and Takishima Kei, who underwent competition from childhood through adolescence, but they have feelings of love for one another. So also the story of other characters.
Jun 15, 2010
This anime is the most favorite anime when I was little. Although the story simple, but enough to make a child touched.
This anime was made in 1996, the anime is long enough and a little bit old.
But good for the family.

Synopsis: The story of a little boy who loved his dog, when his parents bought a toy car, then sianjing was abandoned. The story begins when the dog helps children who take care of them since childhood, from the accident. Then the dog died and the child is crying for the death of the dog. The boy was hoping the dog can live again. After read more
Jun 15, 2010
This anime has a very disappointing end, but perhaps those who make this anime has another purpose would end this story.

This is a vampire show, but don’t expect alot of action from this show, cause there is hardly action in it.

The show to me in my opinion begining episodes were good, in the middle I disliked the show cause of the useless things that were happening, and also the whole “mystery” that was happening, which kind of annoyed me. The ending episodes to the show were good, but I still thought the ending was shallow, just an ending you would see in a lot of read more
Jun 14, 2010
Essentially neighbor her Shinigami and Soul [where the Soul can be tangible as human, and in a situation that could turn into weapons needed]
they [the Shinigami and Soul] pursue the highest levels of soul music with the requirement to take 99 soul-eating demon soul [Kishin] and 1 witch soul, candidates Shinigami nurtured in a Shinigami technical school
beginning of the story is about shinigami candidate Maka Albarn with his soul which is called Soul Eater previously mengabil Kishin soul into 1999, unfortunately when he was about to take a soul witch with a cat he was wrong magic user who caused them to fall read more