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Dec 13, 2012
I've just finished the series today.I went to add it to my list and saw that there are onlly two reviews,so you guess what I"m doing now.
The story isn't perfect but it does a great job explaining what you don't understand.It is full of intense moments,humor and mystery.The STORY-8

The art is great,there's nothing else that I can say.I was pleased with it!

The characters are each with their own objectives,but during the story,you will be focused only on the main 3. CHARACTER-8

I enjoyed very much the series and after years,I will have the same enthusiasm to read it again!

OVERALL-9 My recommendation-go and read more
Dec 5, 2012
The story is decent.This is an anime that you don't watch it for something peculiar,it's just for for.
The story is good,the art is outstanding,the sound is great,characters are well developed and the enjoyment gets from me 10.
It is a great anime,even if it is only 13 episodes.
My final score from me is 8.
My suggestion:Go and watch it!
Dec 2, 2012
Rosario Vampire has been one of the greatest series in my opinion.Compared to the anime,this is one of the best storylines I ever read.The characters are well developed and the action is well structured.
I can't say the same thing to the anime.The anime is focused on the harem part and many things are continuously repeating.
The manga is full of funny moments,scary moments,drama and plot.It makes you realize many things about life and after many years you will want to read it with the same pleasure.
For me,Rosario+Vampire manga is a must-read!