Nakata, Jouji

Given name: 譲治
Family name: 中田
Birthday: Apr 22, 1954
Member Favorites: 7,205
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 175 cm (5' 9")
Blood type: A
Hobbies: all types of sport

Twitter: @joujinakata123

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Rizzlah | Jul 26, 11:50 AM
Absolute legend GOATED
Yorokobe shounen!

Stacias | Jul 17, 1:39 AM

aphraser | Jun 11, 10:35 PM

Aruchemist | May 7, 7:55 AM

BigMac7 | Apr 27, 3:40 AM
Yorokobe Shounen

AngeloUchiha | Apr 22, 4:59 PM
Happy Birthday 🎉🍕🎂

Hammerbreaker | Apr 22, 1:50 PM
happy belated birthday, Joji Nakata.

his deep baritone voice alone is enough to get me engaged in the characters that he's playing. it's an outright chilling voice that grabs my attention everytime he speaks.

I'll say this:I've never had much of a preference between him and Crispin Freeman as who I like more as Hellsing's Alucard. they both portray him equally fantastic with their different approaches. Joji's baritonic voice showcases how much of a foreboding, sadistic and cruel being the character really is, while Crispin showcases the smug, blood-thirsty, battle-hungry and hateful qualities of the character near flawlessly. deciding between them has always been a difficult choice for me and to this day it still is.

I also liked him as Sol Badgyy, Motoharu Kimata, E-102 Gamma, Zavok, Carabel Ladd, Goodman, Magin, Balrog, Enrico Pucci, the older Rossiu Adai and Kirei Kotomine (another role both he and Crispin Freeman share together).

he has also made up for a solid first voice for Kazuya Mishima. I do prefer Masanori Shinohara's take, but that's not to say Nakata wasn't awesome too.

Uzuruto | Apr 22, 12:53 PM
Happy Birthday, one of my fav voice actors

chaintang | Apr 21, 10:07 PM
Happy birthday you beautiful god of voice acting

PandanLeafSan | Apr 21, 6:33 PM
Happy Birthday!

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