Duran, Marisa

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Hori, Kyouko

Hori, Kyouko
Shadows House


Shadows House


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xershey | Jul 5, 10:37 AM
Her voice sounds like a 40 year old. ( no offense)
I think a much a older character would suit her more.

Mugen199 | May 19, 6:22 AM
Not bad for first time as MC

Winterwolf0839 | Apr 20, 6:35 AM
It looks like my comment about her improved aged very well given that her she now sounds pitch perfect as Hori! If we ever get season 2 of Nijigasaki I really hope she voices Lanzhu for the dub.

norraptor | Apr 19, 3:29 PM
I really loved her as a voice actress!! i'm so hooked on Horimiya! I never liked sliced of life before, but this is by far! my favorite slice of life, romance.

Winterwolf0839 | Mar 24, 8:20 AM
Her Hori is very far from perfect, but given that this is her first named anime role she'll most likely improve with time and practice. Just look at how much Adam McArthur has improved in Jujutsu Kaisen for instance.

9_Braker | Mar 22, 8:03 AM
She does sound like she is 40 year old! not fit for the role of a teenager.

Animefan85 | Mar 19, 3:57 AM
I think she's doing a pretty good job, given the fact that this is her first lead role in anime.

b_rbie | Mar 18, 11:32 PM
Her VA is bad and I'm wondering why they casted her as lead. She has 0 other jobs and it's just weird because she actually sucks. It doesn't fit Hori's character at all and she's just monotone.

Klyeo | Mar 16, 12:20 PM
Like her voice acting is not good or bad, but she needs to bring little bit of happiness to her acting when voicing Hori, because without that she sounds like around 40 year old anti-happy woman

(I only watched ep.1)

Kong38 | Mar 16, 7:07 AM
Best Hori voice in English!

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