Takeda Tago, Rarisa

Takeda Tago, Rarisa

Given name: 羅梨沙
Family name: 武田 多胡
Alternate names: 武田羅梨沙多胡, Takeda Rarisa Tago
Birthday: Sep 30,
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Name explanation:
- Takeda (mother's last name)
- Rarisa (first name)
- Tago (father's last name [3rd generation Brazilian Japanese; Brazil has culture of mixing father and mother last names])

Nickname: Rari-chan
Voice Acting Roles
Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
Ariyama, Shizuku 
Ariyama, Shizuku
Cinderella Girls Gekijou 2nd Season
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Kitami, Yuzu 
Kitami, Yuzu
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Recent News

JonyWalker | Dec 6, 5:17 PM
Her "Ariyama Shizuku" sounds like "Yamada Elf" from Eromanga-sensei!

Micael_Okamura98 | Oct 26, 3:23 PM
Orgulho Brasileiro. <3 Amo!
(Brazilian Pride <3 Love!)

AlainAwakens | Oct 23, 1:40 AM
Seems like her name is indeed Larissa, and just like most latin countries both Father and Mother last names are used.

mike_mal | Oct 21, 9:54 AM
Name is completely like some Russian

Hermesonl | Oct 19, 9:33 PM
Nice to know that she's a brazilian's daughter.

Silver_Waifu | Oct 18, 9:04 AM
her voice like tooru from kobayashi maid dragon

NickSantos97 | Oct 13, 9:35 PM
Mais uma ótima dubladora Brasileira, parabéns pelo trabalho o/

FrancWyvern | Oct 12, 4:37 PM
Sukeroku Yes, it's a pretty common name in Brasil.

Antagonized | Oct 11, 9:29 PM
She sounds like Yuka Ootsubo, I wonder what's her role in Aikatsu Stars?

Sukeroku | Oct 11, 6:22 PM
Is her trully name Larissa?

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