Mitsuki, Ryoko

Given name: 遼子
Family name: 深月
Birthday: Jul 23,
Member Favorites: 2
DOB: July 23 rd
Blood Type: A
Born in Niigata, lives in Ibaraki

Likes: Western architecture,Gothic lolitas, dresses, dolls, myths, fairy tales, bones, black, butterflies, crosses, moon, illusionary photos or paintings, the changing of the seasons.

Dislikes: Tight spaces, bugs, crowds.

Hobbies: Zoning out in her room, burning incense, collecting furniture, imagining.

Has two ball jointed dolls in her room, named Scharlachrot and Juwel.

Her favorite characters of her manga are Zelfa and Miseria.

Writes stories about fantastical European settings, but also likes worlds set on Meiji era Japan and RPG worlds.
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