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Family name: おにお
Birthday: Unknown
Member Favorites: 47
Twitter: @onionio55
pixiv: #3253063

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Futari no Jikan
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Kumanishi Bijutsubu Rough Sketch-senpai
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Yuki to Sumi
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HozayfaHB | Feb 17, 7:49 PM
I really wish for Onio's comeback
At least make him collaborate with a good author , I mean his art is amazing

Khetar | Sep 19, 2020 2:54 AM
I hope that Onio makes another good manga that continues and NOT GTES AXED!

Shinobihost | Sep 17, 2019 10:38 PM
@fatniggerino Products are maintained by being paid which reddit and others don't do so your point is irrelevant. This is basic common sense.

FireandIce | Jul 9, 2019 12:39 PM
How does his well written and beautifully drawn manga always get axed while garbage generic shounen, like One Piece, is on its billionth volume?

ReaperCreeper | Jun 9, 2019 12:10 AM
Why the fuck does all his manga get axed? They're good you fucking cunts!

CRYPTsakura | May 22, 2019 7:50 AM
I really like his art. So easy smooth, but female characters are sooo hot. The only thing, what needs to improve is story line. Not saying that it's that bad, but something more deeper would be perfect. Or if there would be cooperation between his art and story by someone

RobinTheKing | Nov 29, 2018 10:50 AM
Rough Sketch Senpai is great. It's a shame that it got axed....

fatniggerino | Nov 28, 2018 8:45 PM
In case he does come to this site (which is highly improbable), I want to say that on forums like reddit, his work is very adored and nobody likes seeing his work get axed. I hope he continues to draw because he has genuine fans.

nuclearstudent | Apr 2, 2018 10:49 PM
Rest in peace, Yuki to Sumi. You flared brilliantly, and died for reasons not of your doing.

casualweeaboo | Apr 2, 2018 8:43 PM
a shame they all get axed

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