Minami, Hamabe

Minami, Hamabe

Given name: 美波
Family name: 浜辺
Birthday: Aug 29, 2000
Member Favorites: 10
Voice Acting Roles
One Piece: Heart of Gold
Myskina, Olga 
Myskina, Olga
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Recent News

Akarasu | Sep 29, 10:11 AM
Don't know if I am stange or if I have shit taste but I like her as Olga

venera | Sep 23, 5:58 AM
i dont like her voice as Olga in One Piece Heart of Gold

zardneurosis | Sep 9, 6:22 AM
menma from anohana live action O__O

deadchoppy | Aug 14, 7:16 PM
Whoa, she's beautiful! AND HELL YOUNG - Her voice sounds kind, but it doesn't fit with hothead Olga :c

Xeogran | Aug 14, 2:08 PM
Amazing voice. Olga is the cutest, I love her so much!!

SIDIQ_BORUTO | Aug 13, 6:44 PM
bad voice

tozoku | Aug 10, 9:11 AM
Did anyone else think she sounded a lot like Chiaki Omigawa (Maka from Soul Eater)? Such a unique voice, I love it <3

Rammedy | Jul 31, 3:06 PM
She somewhat remainds me of Borg from Star Trek: "We Are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated.", total lack of emotions.

AntonKutovoi | Jul 31, 7:22 AM
I don't know how she acted in her live-action roles, but her vocie acting in Heart of Gold was awful. Absolutely flat and unemotional. Which was especially jarring, since character had a wide range of emotions.

Rammedy | Jul 30, 3:01 PM
Maybe being cute helps in dramas and fits her voice but her role in OP special was horrendous. It was failure on par with Kaio in DB Chou, but she is young and doesn't have health problems. She needs a lot of work before becoming a proper seiyuu.

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