Kitamura, Eri

Kitamura, Eri

Given name: 英梨
Family name: 喜多村
Birthday: Aug 16, 1987
Website: http://tms-music.mydns....
Member Favorites: 6,171
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 156 cm
Hobbies: drawing manga, games, watching anime
Nickname: KitaEri (キタエリ)

Currently working in the music unit ARTERY VEIN with Asami Imai.
Also provides the voice of CUL, a Vocaloid. She is also known to be an amateur manga artist in Japan in her spare time.

She used to be a child actress and went by the name Okamura Eri (岡村 英梨).

Twitter: @KITAxERI

Ex-Music Record Agency: