Tanuma, Yuichiro

Given name: 雄一郎
Family name: 田沼
Alternate names: Yuuichirou Tanuma, 田沼 雄一郎, Takami Akio, 秋緒 たかみ, Shiroginu, しろぎぬ, Tororoimo 3-gou, とろろいも3号, Tororoimo, とろろいも
Birthday: Sep 17,
Website: http://tanumaakio.blog8...
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Gender: Male
Current Residence: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Author uses various pseudonyms:
- Tanuma Yuuichirou, used for heterosexual themed h works and other usual theme works
- Akio Takami, used for shota works
- Shiroginu, used for fat/bara/homosexual works
- Tororoimo 3-gou, used for some works related to the old Tororoimo circle

Twitter: @tanumakio
pixiv: #3736994
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