Pocket Chocolate

Pocket Chocolate,

Given name:
Family name: 口袋巧克力
Alternate names: 龚毅坚, Gong Yijian
Birthday: Aug 8, 1977
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Birth place: Lanxi, Zhejiang, China
Birth name: Gong Yijian (龚毅坚)

Pocket Chocolate (Pocket is the name of his first series and Chocolate his favorite dish...) is a young Chinese artist who has been working for years in animation, video games and illustrations. Master in colouring, he uses a warm palette to paint with realism ambiance and feelings.

The series "Butterfly in the air" was adapted from a Chinese best-seller, and published in 2002 (4 volumes). It emphasizes his coloured range used with a draw similar to Japanese manga one. Virtuoso of digital drawing, he has published in China a "Working method with Painter". He then realized a one-shot comic "Memory of the south mountain", first published in France by Xiao Pan in 2006, then in China.
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