Moore, Alex

Birthday: May 14, 1985
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Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

Current Residence: Arlington Heights, TX

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ParanormalBeluga | Sep 6, 2021 11:59 PM
Super underrated voice actress!

Mugen199 | May 27, 2021 4:55 PM
She talked shit kissanime and said "if your country does not allow you to watch anime then fuck you"

Potimas | May 17, 2021 11:58 AM
Trash, ew.

GLyDoughnut | Mar 30, 2021 10:05 AM
Is there a way to blacklist VAs? It’s a battle between her and Chris Wehkamp for the top of my blacklist.

“If it’s not available in your country then it wasn’t made for you.” Maybe this bitch doesn’t understand that anime isn’t made for Americans either

danksonic | Jan 14, 2021 10:32 PM
I mean its pretty fucking obvious that she wasn't Ichika, Lindsey Seidel is has a very good voice

KiliianSleipnir | Jan 11, 2021 5:51 AM
she was not Ichika. according to Lindsay Seidel was. so i've requested she be removed from that role. Funimation has not announced the cast/staff for S2 yet. but Funi will be DubFromHome on that title so do not expect a fast response time.

as to Ms Moore's stance on piracy. 'arr. shiver me timbers. make the scurvy wench walk the plank!' when Ms Moore was five years old i got started watching anime with Harmony Gold's 1990 VHS dubs of ROBOTECH. i wasn't even 15 back then. so i've been consuming anime since before Ms. Moore was even old enough to know Japan was a country or even existed.

i've probably spent more than $10k on anime DVDs and BR disks. i've NEVER paid for online content and i never will. because 99% of anime i've watched my whole life will NEVER enter my collection. i'm too picky. i ONLY buy shows that will entertain me for DECADES to come.

i don't buy manga or light novels because i don't read them. i don't even read them for free online very often. . . i've actually only ever read... three manga titles ever. 1 title finished years before i ever heard of it. a short 'adult' love story series. a 'adult' dojinshi series, not even four chapters long. great art. interesting premise. and 'My 1st Girlfriend is a Gal'. i read it online for free every few months after several chapters of fanslations have piled up. that's it. i liked the show. i bought the show's disks years after it came out when i had some extra cash lying around. but i read the manga just for general light-hearted entertainment when nothing else is going on in my life.

i've never bought a physical LN or manga book and most probably never will. i don't buy figures. i don't buy scrolls or posters or toys or games or anything other than a few DVDs and BRs now and again. my collection is not huge, but i love it none the less. would i buy more disks if i had more money like i did five plus years ago? no. i wouldn't.

due to the pandemic i lost my job. had nigh on zero income. had to live off credit cards and my savings. i couldn't pay for cable tv anymore and had my electricity and phone and internet cut off and restored more than once. so. Ms. Moore wants me to stop pirating anime? no thanks. i like my sanity intact. online entertainment has kept me from going bugfuckingnuts in 2020 and MANY decades previous and probably for MANY decades yet to come.

online buddy of mine has read a few Japanese reports on overseas otaku industry income. 'we' provide LESS THAN 30% of the ENTIRE industry's income. that's merch, licenses, disks, movie ticket sales, everything 'we' do for Japan's manga, light novels, anime, figures, etc. industries. of course these numbers are all old and dated but my buddy said from what he's read, that's a pretty steady number going down a few points from year to year. but it's been a reliable overseas income percentage for around a decade. yet, it really never goes above 30%.

so. pirates hurt the industry? sure. a few bucks here and there. but. we've all seen how MUCH Yen the industry sucks out of the pockets of JAPANESE consumers. even under PANDEMIC conditions Sword of the Demon Slayer's movie... TOP GROSSING MOVIE IN JAPANESE HISTORY! if covid hadn't happened? perhaps it could have been the highest grossing movie in world history? perhaps???

Pokemon. GO. video game sales. cards. anime. movies. remember guys n gals. Pokemon got STARTED on the Nintendo Gameboy when I WAS A LITTLE KID! it's been making BILLIONS of dollars world wide for 20 plus years.

folks bitched about Napster and the Feds tore it down. file sharing gets attacked constantly. video streamers are attacked, music downloads and porn downloads and Kindle/e-books, and anything else that can be digitized is sold and given away for free on the Gray/Dark Web.

Winterwolf0839 | Sep 14, 2020 9:03 AM
For those of you who want context as to why people down below are mad at her then here it is:

Note: I'm staying neutral in this. I just thought it would be best to post context for anyone who stumbles upon this profile.

RyuKazumaki | Aug 28, 2020 6:16 PM
entitled ass VA

Katishere | Aug 19, 2020 5:12 PM
not gonna watch any of her dubs

AbridgerToNi | Aug 17, 2020 2:10 PM
her anti-piracy stance is racist / classist

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