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Tokyo Performance Doll,

Given name: 東京パフォーマンスドール
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Birthday: 1990
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Tokyo Performance Doll a.k.a. TPD is a female Jpop idol band that existed from 1990 to 1996 and returned in 2013. Inspired by Onyanko Club, it had seven main members and several other "trainees" for live performances, a formula later followed by Morning Musume, Hello! Project and AKB48. TPD was based in Tokyo, and launched sister-bands in other cities: Osaka Performance Doll in 1993 and Shanghai Performance Dolls in 1996. TPD had numerous sub-groups that issued their own singles, while albums were issued collectively. Among TPD's main members were Ryoko Shinohara and East End X Yuri's Yuri Ichii. Trainee members included Yoko Kamon and Yuko Fueki (Yoo Min). In June 2013, it had been announced that after 17 years, the group was being revived with an all new line up.

2013 members:
Nana Takashima (高嶋菜七)
Seria Jonishi (上西星来)
Saki Sakurai (櫻井紗季)
Kaho Hamasaki (浜崎香帆)
Akari Waki (脇あかり)
Sakurako Iida (飯田桜子)
Saki Jingu (神宮沙紀)
Anyu Kobayashi (小林晏夕)
Futaba Tachibana (橘二葉)
Sana Minami (美波沙南)

Former members:
Ryoko Shinohara (篠原涼子)
Satomi Kihara (木原さとみ)
Miho Yonemitsu (米光美保)
Chisa Kawamura (川村知砂)
Yuri Ichii (市井由理)
Yuko Anai (穴井夕子)
Mai Yagita (八木田麻衣)

Former secondary members:
Natsuko Kifuse(木伏夏子)
Kanako Hitsuwari (櫃割香奈子)
Shiho Shimazu (島津志穂)
Hiromi Seki (関ひろみ)
Masako Nakagawa (中川雅子)
Misako Iwana (岩名美紗子)
Saori Fujimoto (藤本佐織)
Aya Shinohara (篠原礼)
Miho Natori (名取美穂)
Fumi Otoh (大藤史)
Asami Azuma (東亜佐美)
Masashi Arai (新井雅)
Miho Hirano (平野美保)

Golbies (ゴルビーズ) : Ryoko Shinohara, Chisa Kawamura, Satomi Kihara
Harajuku Jennu (原宿ジェンヌ) : Ryoko Shinohara Chisa Kawamura,
UL-SAYS : Ryoko Shinohara, Miho Yonemitsu
ViVA! : Mai Yagita, Yuko Anai, Yuri Ichii
TWO TOPS : Kanako Hitsuwari, Natsuko Kifuse
Les,TPD : Chisa Kawamura, Kanako Hitsuwari, Natsuko Kifuse, Hiromi Seki
Fire Dolls (ファイヤードールズ) : Kanako Hitsuwari, Natsuko Kifuse, Hiromi Seki, Shiho Shimazu
Yonemitsu Club (米光倶楽部) : Miho Yonemitsu ...
TPD DASH!! : Natsuko Kifuse, Kanako Hitsuwari, Shiho Shimazu, Hiromi Seki, Masako Nakagawa, Fumi Otoh, Miho Natori, Aya Shinohara, Asami Azuma

(Source: Wikipedia and Official Site)
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