Taketsuki, Jou

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Family name: 丈月
Birthday: Unknown
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Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou
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Meiyaku no Leviathan
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Meiyaku no Leviathan
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JeagerNauts | Dec 9, 2017 8:05 AM
why campione light novel end this year? It worth for more sequel. I'm serious

IonutIul1 | Aug 12, 2017 7:13 AM
dude this series needs an update for sure i mean a season 2

tfiend | Apr 4, 2017 10:07 PM
You sir are an artist. I am an incredibly huge fan of the Campione! I have read all the Light Novels, the side stories, and watched the anime at least 16 times. It is no exageration to call Campione! my favorite anime of all time. The novels are phenomenal and my personal favorite part of the franchise, its a shame that you are planning on completing the series however I understand that all good things must come to an end. Before I finish let me just say this... No one has else has done the harem genre correctly. You truly have made an series that captures exactly what true harem fans like me enjoy, that is an actual harem. Kusunagi Godou has no intention to choose just one of his partners as a lover, he has no favorite and though there is slight bias towards Erica since she has been with him the longest, it is very clear that he views them all equally as irreplaceable companions and lovers. Even they themselves accept that they are his women, together they are often depicted discussing it among themselves from time to time that they will one day be his wives. This has really has set this image in stone, right along with the multiple partner sessions to which they have all admitted have become fairly normal. Your last few novels made it very apparent that he has made fantastic growth with the girls since he first met Erica and Yuri. His actions show that of a concerned husband or lover and believe me that is exactly what your readers wanted to see. Thank you very much for creating the series that I enjoy so much and has filled me with much joy over the past few years. Please continue to do your best and best wishes to your next novel!

FlorenvL | Jun 19, 2016 11:01 AM
please bring out campione season 2. campione and Sword Art Online are my favourite anime please i beg u make a season 2 of campione.

iwsifakismag | Apr 26, 2015 12:17 PM
I like Campione and Meiyaku no Leviathan :)
I hope Campione gets season2 and Meiyaku no Leviathan gets animated.

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