Sayonara Ponytail

Sayonara Ponytail,

Given name:
Family name: さよならポニーテール
Alternate names: さよポニ
Birthday: Unknown
Member Favorites: 59
A mysterious band who first appeared via the ancient medium of MySpace, its members were said to exist solely as a series of illustrations by its mononymous leader (referred to as “God”) Yuritan, and any members that didn’t quite fit in would be simply erased…!

Ironically, only one member has so far been touched by the great eraser in the sky; Yuritan herself! Now, an even more mysterious figure is running things, going by the name of Chiitan. Mind you, I call into the question the validity the band’s extensive 12-member line-up, as well as if Yuritan, Chiitan and the rest of them are real people or the imagination of one or a few. A talking black cat by the name of Kuroneko is their chief publicity officer.

(Source: All the Anime)

Twitter: @sayopony

Vocal Members:
Miina (みぃな), Color: Red
Ayumin (あゆみん), Color: Blue
Natchan (なっちゃん), Color: Yellow
Yuyu (ゆゆ), Color: Purple
Shuka (しゅか), Color: Green

Supporting Members:
Kuroneko (クロネコ): Publicist
Fukkun (ふっくん): Lyricist, Composer
Maumau (マウマウ): Arranger
324P: Mixer
Meg (メグ): Saxophone
Megane-kun (めがねくん): Cheering
Yuritan (ゆりたん): Former (God) Leader
Chiitan (ちぃたん): Current (God) Leader


Sayonara Ponytail,
Sayonara Ponytail,