Konogi, Yoshiru

Given name: よしる
Family name: 此ノ木
Alternate names: Aichiko, あいちこ
Birthday: Feb 13,
Website: http://konogi.com/
Member Favorites: 18
Doujin circle: Aichiko (あいちこ)

Twitter: @y_konogi
pixiv: #271447
Blog: http://konogi.sub.jp/blog/
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Henjo: Hen na Joshikousei Amaguri Chiko
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pleppie | Mar 27, 1:20 PM
Ako, just so you know, the author is female. Not that it really matters too much... Women can be perverted as well, and men can be innocent. There are lots of people and gender hardly dictates preferences.
Both men and women can like all types of stories and characters regardless, i'd say it's pretty shallow of you guess the author's gender based on that and also to generalize what females or males would go about creating characters.

Japan having high rape rate has nothing to do with anything here honestly, that's just trying to fit something you dislike into a bigger problem to make it look like your opinion has some kind of ethical base. You just dislike it because it's not your cup of tea, rape in japan has nothing to do with it's pervertedness. The manga doesn't even promote rape in any way, i myself really dislike when stories feature rape, but i don't really think actual rape has anything to do with it. as much as any crime featuring sotry doesn't actually ecourage people to commit said crimes, it just expose people to that kind of idea, nothing society itself doesn't eventually do. (not that any of this last part has anything to do with this topic, as again, henjyo doesn't even feature any kind of rape)

foscor70 | Feb 26, 4:30 AM
i completely agree with segojojo.
the ako- person is just a dumbass.

this mangaka is cool and i like his works.

segojojo | Mar 17, 2017 4:11 PM
Blaming this artist for the high rape rate in japan is just retarded considering they are manga artist that draw rape manga and get no complaints that said his works are awesome i enjoy pervy female MC and i hate harems so this is perfect good jokes good storys slow updateing :(

Ako- | Nov 24, 2016 11:02 AM
I have seen a part of Henjo and I hate those kind of stories. It's BS, especially when Japan has high rape rate.
I would guess the author is male because of the typical perversion in that manga.
But it's not possible that the author is female, I'm still really curious why they make the males blush so much. Sounds like what a female would like to do. Or maybe a female would try to make the man quite manly and actually cool.
A good point though, is the art. It's not as special as I am trying to make it sound since I wouldn't be surprised to see this art used as a side character for another manga but because it's quite simple it's cute.

Leiss | Aug 7, 2016 2:27 AM
His/hers art is superb, Henjo drawings are so wonderfully vivid and makes me amazed with every chapter. His/hers stories are also fun and great to read, author has amazing writing and drawing capabilities! Thank you.

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