Watanabe, Mayu

Watanabe, Mayu

Given name: 麻友
Family name: 渡辺
Alternate names: まゆゆ, Mayuyu
Birthday: Mar 26, 1994
Website: http://www.watanabemayu...
Member Favorites: 335
Blood type: AB
Birth place: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Height: 156 cm
Three sizes: B71-W55-H82
Hobbies: Collecting polkadotted things

Mayu Watanabe was a member of the idol group AKB48. Originally part of Team B, she was moved to Team A during the August 2012 reshuffle, and was moved back to Team B in February 2014. She graduated from group in October 2017 and retired from the entertainment field on May 31, 2020.

Blog: http://blog2.akb48teamogi.jp/watanabemayu/
Twitter: @karaage_mayu
Profile: ogipro.com/talent/watan...


Watanabe, Mayu
Watanabe, Mayu