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Family name: 宍戸
Birthday: Unknown
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Banana Fish
add Storyboard (ep 9)
Banana Fish
add Episode Director (ep 9)
add Episode Director (ep 4, 10, 17)
Chou Henshin Cosprayers
add Assistant Director
Death Parade
add Episode Director (ep 3, 6, 11)
Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
add Director
Hajime no Ippo: Rising
add Director
Ichigo 100%
add Storyboard (ep 7)
Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e
add Director
Legend of Basara
add In-Between Animation
Okusama wa Joshikousei (TV)
add Director
Ookami to Koushinryou
add Episode Director (ep 3)
Pita Ten
add Episode Director (ep 12)
Saiunkoku Monogatari
add Director
Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Season
add Director
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
add Director (Chief)
Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku
add Director
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astrogaijin2 | Feb 6, 9:30 AM
@FailedArtNinja he didn’t direct episode 6, he only storyboarded it

FailedArtNinja | Feb 5, 2:04 AM
This director did great with the cgi but ep6 is my only concern

Ufckingweasel33 | Feb 2, 9:27 PM
Not trying to be humble here, but with his works being amazing (as someone whose seen half of the animes he directed)
shows that he's doing his best for AoT and personally, he's doing a great job. Idk why people hate the MAPPA staff, cuz they obviously need backed criticisms and appreciation, not groundless HATE and insult.

Fax001s | Jan 24, 10:32 AM

FailedArtNinja | Jan 10, 11:55 PM
@Mis43l82 "I don't trust him, he did nothing important in his career." Seriously? He did great with his direction on Hajime no Ippo and it was one of the greatest anime

todd2580 | Dec 17, 2020 12:00 PM
@Fax001s the cinematic direction is hayashi's doing not jun

AbridgerToNi | Dec 17, 2020 11:03 AM
12 year olds be like "things are different, which is bad"

Fax001s | Dec 14, 2020 3:15 AM
@mikay342 He did great, wth are you talking about? The first episode's storyboard was incredible, better than a lot WIT's episodes and very cinematic.

mikay342 | Dec 13, 2020 10:03 AM
Welp, he's doing shit so far in Attack on Titan.

Fazzan- | Nov 20, 2020 10:47 PM
This guy is NOT the chief director ffs.

“ Moving on, unlike what many people think, Jun Shishido (宍 戸 淳) is not the chief director of this season finale; an idea that arose because many sites out there have been crediting him that way (MAL, ANN, AniDB. Seriously, this is a shame). He is in charge of the role of “Chief Enshutsu”, credited as “演出 チ ー フ”, while chief director is “総 監督”. Enshutsu is what they credit when they want to refer to an episode director. So, Shishido is the chief episode director! He is not above Hayashi in control of the series, but it will certainly be important for the development of everything. He is expected to direct several episodes. Shishido also directed Sacred Beasts (Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e), a MAPPA anime that, like Dororo, I will talk about a lot here.”

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