Hase, Arihiro

Given name: 有洋
Family name: 長谷
Birthday: Apr 22, 1965
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Hase Arihiro (April 22, 1965 - July 30, 1996) was a voice actor from Tokyo, Japan. He was the son of voice actor Hase Sanji. His most famous voice work was that of Ichijyo Hikaru from the Macross series.

He committed suicide on July 30, 1996 by jumping from his seventh-story window at the age of 31. This occurred shortly after recording the Macross World Radio Show. He remained a friend of fellow Macross cast member and pop singer Iijima Mari after the series ended and frequently attended her concerts up until his death.

In 2005, Iijima reprised her role of Lynn Minmay for the ADV Films English dub release of Macross, and in interviews has stated that she is dedicating this new release to him.

During his active career he was a member of Sigma Club (シグマクラブ) and Production MThree (プロダクション・エムスリー).

(Source: AniDB)

Blood type: O

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