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'Kuroshitsuji: Midori no Majo-hen' TV Anime Announced for 2025

by Nioxys
Jul 6, 3:13 PM | 16 Comments
The Kuroshitsuji: Kishuku Gakkou-hen (Black Butler: Public School Arc) panel at Anime Expo 2024 announced a new season titled Kuroshitsuji: Midori no Majo-hen (Black Butler: Emerald Witch Arc) on Saturday. The anime is scheduled to premiere in 2025.

Daisuke Ono (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Maaya Sakamoto (Bakemonogatari) are returning as Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive, respectively.

Kenjirou Okada (3-gatsu no Lion) is returning to direct the new season at CloverWorks.

Produced by CloverWorks, the Kuroshitsuji: Kishuku Gakkou-hen television anime began airing for 11 episodes on April 13. Crunchyroll simulcast the anime with subtitles as it aired in Japan.

The anime series adapts Yana Toboso's fantasy mystery manga which began serialization in GFantasy magazine in September 2006. Square Enix shipped the 34th volume on April 26. Kuroshitsuji has a cumulative 35 million copies of its volumes in circulation.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English and released the 33rd volume on June 18.

A-1 Pictures adapted the manga into three seasons in Fall 2008, Summer 2010, and Summer 2014. They also produced an original video animation and a movie in 2015 and 2017, respectively.


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Official X (Twitter): @kuroshitsuji_pr

Source: Comic Natalie

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16 Comments Recent Comments

Black Butler has had a consistently faithful adaptation since Book of Circus aired 10 years ago. Everyone who cares has figured it out by now.

Jul 8, 8:03 PM by Lucifrost

@_MushiRock11_ This is the first time I've seen PAWORKS release two original shows in one season or Doga Kobo be loaded with expensive shows that aren't even adaptations of hit CGDCT manga.

Jul 7, 4:05 AM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert Ah, that's a fair point, we're seeing more shows every season in this era, after all.

Jul 7, 3:56 AM by _MushiRock11_

@_MushiRock11_ Not yet, because anime is objectively getting bigger and bigger market. Although the original anime is clearly gradually turning into an adaptation of a non-existent manga.

Jul 7, 3:52 AM by RobertBobert

@Nachtwandler_21 According to the Internet, the first season of The Exorcist remained canon until the 18th episode of 20+. Things like this always make me wonder how much I can effectively miss thanks to this.

@_MushiRock11_ The industry is expanding like the universe after the big bang, so it's our luck that at least for a while we get almost every anime we want.

Jul 6, 11:12 PM by RobertBobert

Damn, the anime sequel trend is only getting stronger by the year! And I’m not complaining at all.

@RobertBobert In all honesty, it's a bit of a concerning trend since it means the amount of quality new series is decreasing. But welp, let's enjoy the era.

Jul 6, 9:31 PM by _MushiRock11_

Hopefully this is a sign that we won't get any more decade long breaks between seasons.

Jul 6, 8:44 PM by malvarez1

Happy to have the announcement, more Elizabeth!

Jul 6, 8:24 PM by MegamiRem

Well, at least it didn't take half a decade or something this time lol.

Jul 6, 7:13 PM by Softhenic03

Nachtwandler_21 said:
@WestOnAndrewAve Blue Exorcist only had like half of the first season as anime-original content. Here it was like 2/3 of S1 and all of the S2 (if you can even call it S2, considering it was more like a spin-off).

Right, that's why I said it reminded me of it not that it was the exact same.

Jul 6, 5:51 PM by WestOnAndrewAve

@WestOnAndrewAve Blue Exorcist only had like half of the first season as anime-original content. Here it was like 2/3 of S1 and all of the S2 (if you can even call it S2, considering it was more like a spin-off).

Jul 6, 5:44 PM by Nachtwandler_21

YESSSSS let's freaking go!!! I feel bad for my poor husband who has to listen to me ramble about this now 😂

Jul 6, 4:40 PM by serpentineclouds

@yamiyugi101 Reminds me of Blue Exorcist lol

Jul 6, 4:16 PM by WestOnAndrewAve

I just peed my pants omg

Jul 6, 4:03 PM by lopoy20

I am happy, nothing more !

Jul 6, 3:50 PM by JaysonNnN

Anime only must be extremely confused with this franchise since the majority of season 1 and the entirety of season 2 were not Canon

Jul 6, 3:42 PM by yamiyugi101

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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