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[Retracted] Second Season of 'Ninja Kamui' Announced

by Hyperion_PS
Jun 18, 1:44 PM | 16 Comments
Production company Sola Entertainment's CEO, Joseph Chou, announced a second season for the Ninja Kamui original television anime on Tuesday.

Produced by E&H Production, the 13-episode television anime began airing on February 11. Adult Swim streamed the anime with English subtitles and an English dub in the United States.

Ninja Kamui received a prequel video game titled Ninja Kamui: Shinobi Origins, which was released on May 30 for the Nintendo Switch.

Seemingly an average man, Joe Logan leads a peaceful life in the countryside with his wife and child. However, the Logan family have actually assumed false identities to escape from Joe's past as a fearsome ninja assassin. Despite a string of high-profile murders of his former peers, Joe is sure that his new life is secure—but his tranquil bliss is soon shattered when his family is slaughtered by members of his former clan.

Left for dead, Joe wakes up in a hospital, unsure of how he survived the wounds that should have killed him. Police detectives Emma Samanda and Mike Moriss, assigned to investigate the Logan family's deaths, witness another attempt on Joe's life. However, this time Joe is prepared. Unleashing secret techniques, he easily dispatches his enemies, shedding his new identity in the process.

Embracing his old ways, Joe shrouds himself in his former persona, cutting through the organization he once served in the name of cold-blooded revenge. Assisted in his hunt by the detective duo, Joe will stop at nothing to kill his past and the demons hailing from it. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Source: Business Wire

Update June 18
Adult Swim's Senior Vice President and Head of Anime and Action Series, Jason DeMarco, posted on Bluesky on Tuesday that "A second season has not been announced" for Ninja Kamui.

Source: Jason DeMarco on Bluesky

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News Update
Adult Swim's Senior Vice President and Head of Anime and Action Series, Jason DeMarco, posted on Bluesky on Tuesday that "A second season has not been announced" for Ninja Kamui.

Source: Jason DeMarco on Bluesky

Jun 18, 11:18 PM by Vindstot

@JayDaAnimeLord too real, it gotta be on purpose at this point.

Jun 18, 10:43 PM by ryzxgum

@JayDaAnimeLord Ninja Kamui has a level of depth and artistry that flies right over your head. I'd expect nothing less from someone who gave MM! a 1. It's crazy that the dregs of society like yourself even think they can give opinions on true masterpieces. Elevate your standards and intellect before attempting to critique something of this caliber.

Jun 18, 10:01 PM by Cravun


Yea season 2 of this......Like......why

Jun 18, 9:55 PM by DoctorWasabi

they be letting mid always get a season two

Jun 18, 9:54 PM by JayDaAnimeLord

Interesting, I had a feeling that there was going to be another season to Ninja Kamui.

This was a sleeper hit for Winter 2024 and I can't wait to see more of it.

Jun 18, 9:29 PM by AddaeAkono

Wouldn't expect less from the same incompetent staff that ordered Japanese studios to make 5 seasons of FLCL despite no one liking the sequels.

Jun 18, 6:41 PM by Ionliosite2

Season one was a massive flop and they expect us to come back for seconds?

Jun 18, 5:43 PM by Kamushii

im gonna skip this one and just gonna wait for project bullet of park

Jun 18, 5:24 PM by deg

@AfroWarrior27 What's stopping them from announcing a new season?

Jun 18, 4:13 PM by RobertBobert

This garbage is honestly getting a second season when it fell off mid way through the first? Sad times.

Jun 18, 3:34 PM by AfroWarrior27

I'll take this just for the 0.000001% chance of Takahiro Shikama appearing.

Jun 18, 3:32 PM by Etherius_ZS

The devil makes work for idle hands

Jun 18, 3:14 PM by Mystogan14579


Jun 18, 2:45 PM by KubomiNero

Definitely didn't expect this considering the fact that S1 had a conclusive non-cliffhanger ending. I wonder what this will be about.

Ah looks like there was a retraction. Makes sense cause like I said S1 ended conclusively so idk where tf the story would have gone from there 💀

Jun 18, 2:13 PM by thebrentinator24

Didn't expect we would be receiving another season. Ooh well That's good

Jun 18, 1:52 PM by Ricky16

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