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Video Game 'Guilty Gear: Strive' Gets TV Anime

by DatRandomDude
Jun 13, 9:10 PM | 37 Comments
Video game publisher Arc System Works opened an official website for a television anime adaptation of the Guilty Gear: Strive video game titled Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers on Friday, revealing the main staff and a teaser visual (pictured). More info will be shown at the companies' Anime Expo panel on July 4.

Director: Shigeru Morikawa (Argonavis Movie: Ryuusei no Obligato)
Series Composition, Script: Norimitsu Kaihou (Akudama Drive)
Original Character Design: Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear game series)
Associate Producer: Seiji Mizushima (D4DJ First Mix director)

Created and designed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, Arc System Works developed the first Guilty Gear game in 1998 for the PlayStation. The latest game in the series, Guilty Gear: Strive, was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in June 2021, followed by Xbox One and Series X/S in March 2023.

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @GUILTYGEAR_STDR

Source: PR Times

Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers on MAL

20 of 37 Comments Recent Comments

@Pyro81300 Please shut up mentally ill brainwashed kid. Go to mental hospital and get off internet. You spew too much of your stupid irrational dreams and fiction here.

Jun 22, 1:12 AM by OeKusoBaba

@Hippo-Krit Please shut up mentally ill brainwashed kid. Go to mental hospital and get off internet. You spew too much of your stupid irrational dreams and fiction here.

Jun 22, 1:11 AM by OeKusoBaba

@TechenSurf just look at how the latest adaptation of Tekken 3 looks. I think they were able to successfully capture the vibes of the gameplay, but not the ultra-sasuga that you would expect with such an approach to the issue from an adaptation of the cult Bamco's game.

Jun 17, 11:00 AM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert "drawing their own adaptation themselves" smh I didn't say that either, just the models, you can just ctrl c ctrl v them into another studio u know, and just sharing their knowledge.

Jun 17, 10:57 AM by TechenSurf

@TechenSurf I just want to give you a hint that ASC will not be drawing their own adaptation themselves and that we are talking about one of the most experienced CGI studios in the industry. If not the most. Have you even seen at least one of their shows? It will be informative if you want to see what their shows look like.

Jun 17, 10:46 AM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert Yes you could expect the Genshin anime to be great because of the insane amounts of cash involved, I am not a fan at all of the aesthetic of Genshin I can see it's got a lot of work behind it.
The 3D tech of games and animation for TV/movies has a ton of overlap with most using the same methods and software.

"And I don't think they were the first to create pseudo 2D sequels to iconic 2D games." I never said they were the first?

Jun 17, 10:42 AM by TechenSurf

@TechenSurf Um, CGI cartoons and pseudo-2D games are somewhat different things. By the same logic, you would expect the Genshin anime to be amazing because the game has beautiful cutscenes. And I don't think they were the first to create pseudo 2D sequels to iconic 2D games.

Jun 17, 10:23 AM by RobertBobert

@TechenSurf You're talking about a studio that is an icon of 2D fighting games.

Jun 17, 9:14 AM by RobertBobert

Always thought Arc System Works was ahead of the curve when it comes to their stylized 3D tech, hope they let studio SANZIGEN go all out and teach them all their little secrets.

Jun 17, 8:47 AM by TechenSurf

strive is fucking garbage

Jun 16, 9:40 PM by Infatuate

I'm curious about this. I'll probably watch as a turn your brain off type show.

Jun 16, 9:14 PM by malvarez1 anime probably for annoying people. Strive has got to be one of the worst GG games I've played. Plus the art style is hideous. It's existence is an insult to the GG franchise. Of all the GG games, it had to be this one.

Hard pass.

Jun 16, 5:12 PM by StarPebblit

An anime on the story before the games would've been so hype. This will probably be whatever

Jun 16, 1:49 PM by Saiche

@Pyro81300 Sorry, you better find another child who will take your insults and bragging about time played seriously.

Jun 15, 11:58 PM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert "Courage" lol lmao. You are a dumbass that participates in culture war bullshit that I doubt has even played guilty gear. Show me your hours in any guilty gear. You'd still be wrong, but I'd at least have a modicum of respect for your bullshit. At least assuming you can do that much. I don't play it a ton myself, but hey at least I play it:

Jun 15, 9:54 PM by Pyro81300

Based on the game that removed everything that made Guilty Gear cool and had it completely lose its unique identity? Yeah, won't be watching.

Jun 14, 9:23 AM by Ionliosite2

@Hippo-Krit They're not "wrong", it's just that I have the courage to call out things that I think are wrong, even if I really like the franchise and have been a fan for years. That's why I don't like it when people reject any criticism, even the most justified, just because they love this or that intellectual property. The same is true for people who will never admit that there is anything good in a title just because they don't like it. But even so, this issue has already been discussed many times and this topic is clearly not the best place to start over.

Jun 14, 8:29 AM by RobertBobert

@RobertBobert Oki doki, mb. Just engaged in it because both things you said at first were wrong. But you're right, I could've just left it with something more simple. Exicted for the anime though, hope it's good :D

Jun 14, 8:23 AM by Hippo-Krit

@Hippo-Krit Dude, I'm not going to dismantle your walls of text and turn it in into offtopic here. This issue has been discussed a bunch of times in separate threads and I will not discuss it again in an inappropriate place. I'm already fed up with these attempts to justify blatant authorial manipulation and outright lies just because someone wants to protect their favorite series at any cost. Goodbye.

Jun 14, 8:13 AM by RobertBobert

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