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'Dungeon Meshi' Gets Second Anime Season

by DatRandomDude
Jun 13, 8:09 AM | 22 Comments
The 24th and final episode of the Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon) television anime announced a second season at the end of its broadcast on Thursday. The official website also revealed a visual (pictured) and a teaser promotional video.

Produced by Trigger, the anime series premiered in on January 4. Netflix simulcast the anime with subtitles and dubs in multiple languages.

Dungeon Meshi adapts Ryoko Kui's gourmet fantasy manga, which ran in Harta magazine from February 2014 to September 2023. Kadokawa released the 14th and final volume in December 2023.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English in October 2016. The 13th volume was released on March 19, with the 14th and final volume scheduled to ship on July 23.

Teaser PV

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @dun_meshi_anime

Source: Comic Natalie

Dungeon Meshi 2nd Season on MAL

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Fantastic. Too many unanswered questions to leave it as is.

Jun 17, 1:56 AM by SkiesOfBlue

@StyxParadise I think there were already rumours about it before S1 aired, if it was not official already.
So this is not really a surprise, but of course, any veteran here will take kindly to such words, and it is a bless in some ways, this is more frequent nowadays vs the past.

Jun 14, 12:42 PM by Playcool

Great news, still need to watch this. I wish more anime got sequels announced right away.

Jun 14, 12:23 PM by jorel262

Exciting news! Hope they fully adapt the manga.

Jun 14, 7:11 AM by Shirayukin

I screamed when I saw this, this morning, ngl I love this show more than frieren

Jun 14, 12:10 AM by daddymahitowo

@fenrirr2 I can deal with a slow/boring start as long the story get more serious after so i'll give it a try

Jun 13, 3:19 PM by tragedydesu

Good. For me it becamse dull after the 5th episode and I dropped it.

Jun 13, 3:18 PM by Memore

Depends on your taste. You can find this good even if you disliked Frieren, though it is possible you just don't like slow, hard fantasies.
This show is a bit like Attack on Titan in terms of constantly evolving, not in any other way, but in a single season.

It starts out as a fantasy DND comedy, with a lot of thought put into cooking and monster/dungeon ecology. It has a single and well-defined goal (saving the MCs sister), but at first it feels like an excuse for a fun and chill adventure, with heavy world-building.

However the show constantly transforms, just when you'd think it is a one-note thing, it starts getting darker and darker and more serious. Cooking and a bit of comedy still remain, but the goals and stakes changes (but not in a DBZ or Avengers way, where there are power-ups and constantly bigger threats). It will just became apparent, that not everything is fun, not every problem can be solved and reversed, and there are staying consqequences and terror.

It is not an accident, that the show started at 7.85 on MAL and now sits on 8,47. Almost every single show's score constantly decreases after the first 3 episodes, it is very rare, that the reverse is happening.

Jun 13, 2:24 PM by fenrirr2

Yes!! Let's gooo. The second half of the manga is awesome.

Jun 13, 1:35 PM by Knave_

@StyxParadise yes its gonna be a full anime adaptation

Jun 13, 1:00 PM by deg

It's been on my MAL list. Glad to hear there is already more planned.

Jun 13, 12:17 PM by jorel262

deg said:
season 1 adapted 52 chapters
season 2 should adapt 45 chapters to end it.

In other words, a full adaptation?


Jun 13, 11:13 AM by StyxParadise

@tragedydesu I don't see a problem with you not finding it interesting, but that doesn't make the story plotless. They literally had an overly long tournament arc at the end of the season.

Jun 13, 10:56 AM by RobertBobert

@tragedydesu I can't talk about Frieren, but for me, Dungeon Meshi had a good balance of chill moments and plot. It starts with a defined goal and a clear direction in mind, which, without spoilers, gets achieved during S1, but gives birth to the next goal pretty quickly. The first few episodes are a bit slower, but there's still things happening, and they are still moving the gang towards the main goal, which is always in focus, even during the "chill" moments. It IS more relaxed in its stakes and pace compared to, say, an average shonen, but it wasn't meandering or being too slice-of-lifey, and even less plot-heavy episodes had some bits of world/character-building to add to the story.

Jun 13, 10:55 AM by monkseal

watching Frieren felt like playing some boring side quests in a video game ,i could'nt find anything interesting about the story that made me want more and more no drama/no interesting events/no plot twists ... even the 'emotional moments' felt so dull
well ... maybe sol/fantasy are just not for me

Jun 13, 10:54 AM by tragedydesu

I hope this gets a full adaptation. Bloom into you also stopped in the middle at one time, but did not even receive a second season at all, although the author was open to this idea.

@tragedydesu Neither Frieren nor this show have ever been plotless. I don't think the quality approach to the SoL elements makes the show lack plot.

Jun 13, 9:44 AM by RobertBobert

Looks like Meshi is back on the menu, boys.

Jun 13, 9:39 AM by Prupel1

tragedydesu said:
just a plotless 'chill' fantasy like frieren

Ain't no way someone said Frieren is plotless 'chill' fantasy

Going back to the question, it has an interesting plot, the worldbuilding and the characters, are great. You might find it boring in first ten episodes but in those episodes comes the worldbuilding and small details that will be important in the 2nd half.

Jun 13, 9:09 AM by Dawolfsam

Does it have an interesting plot or just a plotless 'chill' fantasy like frieren?

Jun 13, 9:02 AM by tragedydesu

That would again be a two cour thing.. at least it should be lol. Hope we do get it by winter next year.

Jun 13, 8:51 AM by Softhenic03

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