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'Spy x Family' Gets Third Anime Season

by Vindstot
Jun 9, 12:07 AM | 45 Comments
The Spy x Family Anime Extra Mission special event announced a third season for the anime series on Sunday, revealing a "super" teaser visual (pictured).

Produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks, the first season aired in split cours in Spring and Fall 2022. The 12-episode second season premiered in Fall 2023. Crunchyroll simulcast the seasons with subtitles and subsequently began streaming an English dub.

The Spy x Family: Code: White (Spy x Family Code: White) side story anime movie opened in Japan on December 22 last year.

Spy x Family adapts Endou's action comedy manga, which he launched in Shounen Jump+ web magazine in March 2019. Shueisha published the 13th volume on March 4.

VIZ Media began publishing the manga in English on its Shounen Jump platform in September 2019 and published the 11th volume on March 19. The 12th volume is scheduled for an August 6 release next year. Shueisha's Manga Plus service also began simulpublishing the manga in English in March 2019.

Official site:
Official (X) Twitter: @spyfamily_anime

Source: Comic Natalie

Spy x Family Season 3 on MAL

20 of 45 Comments Recent Comments

the manga is chockful of filler so why wouldn't you expect the same for the anime. that + spyxf assistants creating and sharing transphobic manga and endo being a ldp policy hack, not high expectations

Jul 18, 4:45 PM by kazumayanagi

true that. becky is a g.

hope yor gets yarred

Jul 17, 3:43 AM by hazecloud

I hope there is more inappropriateness between Loid and Becky.

Jul 11, 7:17 PM by TheSuave

@Fabio_Costa_ I had actually wondered why, after voraciously watching and enjoying the first 24 episodes, I quit watching two minutes into episode 29. You said it perfectly.

Jul 11, 7:49 AM by moosuch

Oh goodie. The show that drip-feeds you the plot is getting another season.

Jun 25, 6:00 AM by wildhood


Adapting an ongoing best selling manga is milking?

Jun 17, 8:47 AM by MoeGod

Here comes the milking. 🤣

Jun 15, 4:30 PM by CrazyButNot4U

Awesome news. Can't wait!

Jun 14, 12:24 PM by jorel262

Let's go can't wait

Jun 14, 9:48 AM by RED-clover12

Spy X Mid getting another season. Boring.

I’m kidding, I love Spy x Family

Jun 12, 1:19 PM by Animillion

Worst case of recency bias and a hype bubble I have ever seen. I recommend the movie but cannot recommend the series. And this is coming from a manga reader. And I am being dead cold series on this.

Jun 11, 5:55 PM by SpiderMiles3523

A lot of idiots that don’t know what filler means are commenting in this forum.

If you moron don’t like slice of life than don’t watch it.

Jun 11, 11:54 AM by AfroWarrior27

Very nice. Can't wait for more awesome OP/ED and more Anya expressions.

Jun 9, 10:59 PM by Sigmar-Unberogen

Love this series so this got my hype! My fav aspect of Spy x Family is Anya and Damien moments. The last season ending had me hyped!

Jun 9, 8:51 PM by rohan121

I'm surprised it took this long to announce season 3.

Jun 9, 8:40 PM by malvarez1

I miss SxF...!!! It's an excellent news for me!!! : )

Jun 9, 3:46 PM by PrincesaLuminosa

@18927 Ah, I see, I can kind of relate to not wanting to drop a series after getting into it.

Jun 9, 9:36 AM by thebrentinator24

@thebrentinator24 No worries. I don't watch out of hate. Frankly, I hope it'll get better. Heard this season will include Loid's backstory, so it seems interesting enough. I just don't like to drop series in which I've invested some time.

Jun 9, 9:13 AM by 18927

glad to have another season ngl

Jun 9, 8:19 AM by Rndmguypassingby

Lol the anime community continues to not know what the word "filler" means. It's funny how this show has always been more about the comedic, SOL side of things, then people call it boring or "FiLLeR" when it delivers.....exactly that. It's literally no different than what people praise Gintama for, having a bunch of episodes of comedic nonsense with some serious arcs mixed in. And, before someone kneejerk reacts to that, no, I'm NOT comparing SxF to Gintama, it's just a similar principle. MAL is just Twitter at this point with the way people on here switch up on everything lol, cause I ain't forget how much people loved this series when the anime first dropped.

Oppai_Loli_God said:
This show needs something to spice it up, like Yor NTR or Anya growing up slutty cause of her knowing what people are thinking. Maybe Anya seducing Loid.

Yea someone needs to check your hard drive...

18927 said:
I've been baited by S1's quality, there is no going back now. Already on my PTW

Wait what 😭 you could still just not watch if you don't feel the show is of the same quality anymore, hate watching or feeling "obligated" to watch makes no sense 💀

Jun 9, 8:15 AM by thebrentinator24

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