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'Yami Shibai' Gets 13th Season in Summer 2024

by DatRandomDude
Jun 7, 1:43 PM | 10 Comments
Television station TV Tokyo announced a 13th season for the Yami Shibai (Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories) horror short anime series on Friday. The official website also revealed the staff, cast, and a key visual (pictured). This season will feature urban legends stories related to the theme of "Nostalgia," and will premiere in July 2024 on TV Tokyo.

Director: Akira Funada (Ninja Collection)
Script: Hiromu Kumamoto (Yami Shibai), Mitsuhiro Sasaki (Yami Shibai 6), Chouji Yoshikawa (Kurayami Santa planning), Saori Aoki (Yami Shibai 12), Dan Osano NEW
Animation: jimmy (KJ File), Momoka Higurashi (Yami Shibai 10), Hiroshi Nishiyama & Rie (Yami Shibai 11), Yuu Ebihara (Yami Shibai 5), Shino Hongou (Yami Shibai 12), Makoto Okada NEW, Norio Yamakawa (Yami Shibai planning)
Storyboard: Seima Mutou (Yami Shibai 9 animation), Chouji Yoshikawa NEW, Takashi Iizuka NEW
Producer: Norio Yamakawa, Takuya Iwasaki (Kowabon planning), Akira Funada
Production Cooperation: ILCASHIPS, Leon Studio NEW
Studio: ILCA

Note: New staff involved with the new season are denoted with the legend NEW.

Storyteller: Kanji Tsuda (Redline)
Kotomi Takahata
Toshimasa Niiro
Shinji Matsubayashi
Yutaka Shimizu (Summer Wars)
Takaya Yamaguchi
Yuuta Hoshino (Yami Shibai 11)
Risa Aizawa (Dempagumi Inc.) (Aikatsu Stars!)
Coisio Ringo (Band Janaimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI)

The first Yami Shibai season aired in Summer 2013. Crunchyroll has simulcast each season with English subtitles. Sentai Filmworks licensed the first two seasons in December 2015 and released them on home video the following April. The latest season, Yami Shibai 12, aired in Winter 2024.

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @yamishibai_TX

Source: Comic Natalie

Yami Shibai 13 on MAL

10 Comments Recent Comments

I really just wish they'd write more stories about the 'Storyteller' character. I think the last time they did was the finale of season 3 or 4, like 8 or 9 years ago at this point. At least the previous season had a homage to the original park setting. I think Yami Shibai now is used as a sort of vehicle to get young, up-and-comers into the animation business. So more seasons are a plus if that's the case.

Jun 8, 6:50 AM by Gardevoir7

peak incoming watch out

Jun 8, 6:25 AM by Poydoo

This one might be one of the better seasons again cause Nostalgia can hit people hard in horror.

Jun 8, 2:17 AM by Ramkec

More of these weak horror stories? I'm glad it's at least a short series. Guess I'll watch this season as well.

Jun 8, 2:10 AM by Azuchi


Jun 8, 12:31 AM by Berry-Vodka

@hacker09 But they have already released 12 seasons.

Jun 7, 10:46 PM by RobertBobert

It's a fun way to kill a couple hours last couple seasons have been pretty decent

Jun 7, 9:43 PM by yamiyugi101

Let's go. always enjoy this shit....

Jun 7, 8:51 PM by Haou-Judai

Jun 7, 4:02 PM by hacker09

Do they still have enough material for this?

Jun 7, 2:56 PM by RobertBobert

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