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GoHands Produces Original TV Anime 'Momentary Lily' for Winter 2025

by DatRandomDude
Apr 25, 5:32 PM | 21 Comments
Production company Shochiku opened an official website for an original television anime produced by GoHands (Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta) titled Momentary Lily on Thursday. The website also revealed a teaser visual (pictured) and a teaser promotional video. The anime is scheduled to premiere in January 2025.

Teaser PV

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @MML_animePR

Source: Comic Natalie

Momentary Lily on MAL

20 of 21 Comments Recent Comments

gohands will make another uncanny valley animation?

Apr 30, 11:19 AM by deg

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is the only show I've watched by GoHands and I gave it a 10/10 because it's some of the best animation I've seen. So I'll definitely give this a chance.

Apr 30, 4:50 AM by Yui_Suzumiya69

Normally I get annoyed with CGI, but this actually looks serviceable (at least in the trailer. Time will tell)

Apr 28, 6:06 AM by BirdyTheMighty

Another guarantied banger from the best animation studio out there. MAPPA dreams about having CGI as good as Studio GoHands.

Apr 27, 2:21 PM by MrShadowDUH

Why does the teaser look like an ad for amateur animation from the early 10s?

Apr 27, 9:08 AM by RobertBobert

GoHands and his voluminous hairs, i hope it won't be a rotten anime like Hand Shakers and W'z.

Apr 26, 11:18 AM by Jonas-K

I've always loved GoHands' art style and visuals. Hope this one's worth it.

Apr 26, 8:44 AM by Andromeda

That KV is enough to tell the world this is from GoHands.

Apr 26, 8:25 AM by Softhenic03

This literally looks like Handshakers season 3, they are still out here animating every individual strand of hair.

Apr 26, 5:55 AM by VivavideoUser2x

idk man the CGI honestly looks quite bad in the teaser. waifu looks cute though.

Apr 26, 1:47 AM by _ATG_

Peak GoHands animation , can't wait to watch it !!!

Apr 26, 1:41 AM by Yubisoft

They never learn do they? GoHands is truly the best studio.

Apr 26, 12:49 AM by Calal-Chan

GoHands the GOAT!!!!!!!!

Apr 25, 10:48 PM by Maumuu

I hope that goathands will animate new jjk season

Apr 25, 10:12 PM by kataneer

GoHands is still allowed to make shows?

Apr 25, 8:39 PM by malvarez1

GOATHands is back

Apr 25, 8:14 PM by Sleabedybarb

Nice. Looking forward to it.

Apr 25, 7:03 PM by Thanatos1

This looks so good im so excited!!!
I love gohands

Apr 25, 6:28 PM by Sealshark122

I don't think anyone does worse CG in the industry than GoHands at this point. And those hair also look atrocious. I thought they would learn something from Hand Shakers, but I guess all we can expect of them is more 2D characters placed on 3D stock assets.

Apr 25, 6:22 PM by Piromysl

I actually enjoy go hands style

Apr 25, 6:15 PM by yamiyugi101

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