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'Paprika' Novel Gets Western Live-Action Series

by Vindstot
Aug 22, 6:49 PM | 20 Comments
Deadline reported on Monday that a live-action series based on Yasutaka Tsutsui's sci-fi thriller novel Paprika is in production. Amazon Studios and Hivemind are collaborating on the series.

Cathy Yan (Birds of Prey, Dead Pigs) is serving as both the director and executive producer. Ash Sarohia (Killing Gunther), Yan's producing partner at Rewild Media, is also credited as an executive producer, alongside Masi Oka (Death Note live-action) and Jason Brown (The Witcher).

Tsutsui originally serialized the novel in two parts in French-British international magazine Marie Claire in the January 1991–March 1992 and August 1992–June 1993 issues. Chuuoukouron-Shinsha published the novel in 1993. Alma Books released it in English in 2009.

Madhouse adapted the novel into an anime movie in 2006 with director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Sennen Joyuu) at the helm. In 2007, the movie won the Tokyo Anime Award for Best Music and the Newport Beach Film Festival for Best Animated Feature Film.

Reiji Hagiwara serialized a manga adaptation in Mr Magazine from October 1994 to September 1995. Kodansha collected the manga into two volumes.

Eri Sakai ran a three-chapter manga adaptation in Monthly Shounen Sirius from March to May in 2007—a sequel to the anime movie featuring a "What if" scenario.

When prototype models of a dream-invading device go missing at the Institute for Psychiatric Research, it transpires that someone is using them to drive people insane. Threatened both personally and professionally, brilliant psychotherapist Atsuko Chiba has to journey into the world of fantasy to fight her mysterious opponents. As she delves ever deeper into the imagination, the borderline between dream and reality becomes increasingly blurred, and nightmares begin to leak into the everyday realm. The scene is set for a final showdown between the dream detective and her enemies, with the subconscious as their battleground, and the future of the waking world at stake. (Source: Vintage)

Source: Deadline

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oh is that so i guess

Sep 6, 5:25 AM by Stacias

I don't understand who needs another adaptation. Nolan showed the idea well in his Inception, and at least he didn't screw it all up. Here, with such introductions, it already makes you feel sick. I'm against.

Aug 24, 11:38 PM by Verdandy

Essa e a melhor notícia do mês
Ei Pessoal nunca desista dos seus sonhos
Good Morning How are you

Aug 24, 4:25 PM by FortalezaEmDeus

We already got Inception wich was inferior to Paprika, and personally I dont find Paprika as great as most people claim to be. Not a Nolan fan either. The only way it could be actually good if it it gets some sort of "The Boys" treatment, but its probably gonna be some woke BS, so I set my expectations really low.

Aug 24, 11:23 AM by MichaelJackson

Ew western cooties gross.

Aug 24, 7:35 AM by Shakjoe

The visuals are part of the whole experience, so hopefully this can deliver on that.

Aug 23, 8:52 PM by malvarez1

lol not everything needs a live action adaptation

Aug 23, 7:50 AM by Riddlyr

Can't wait for well informed Twitterians complaining, that this upcoming movie is "Inception" ripoof. XD

Aug 23, 7:46 AM by Piromysl

Stop. Get some help.

Aug 23, 6:49 AM by Sondfer

ZXEAN said:
No need. We already have Inception by Christopher Nolan.
Glad to see that I wasn't the only one whose mind went straight to Inception lol

Aug 23, 6:12 AM by Tokoya

and here it comes ppl saying its a copy of Inception lol

Aug 23, 1:01 AM by knktzvra

Only one question: WHY? No other man aside Satoshi Kon can splendidly describe all that is happening in there. Sadly he is dead...

Aug 22, 10:41 PM by Memore

I hope it's faithful to the novel. I really like it's story. Infact non of Yasutaka's work have ever been fully faithfully adapted yet in anime medium

Aug 22, 9:29 PM by Adampk

another live action with prime subject of turning all characters into LGBT or Black(Amazon=netflix) so yep not interested like all other garbage western live actions

Aug 22, 9:24 PM by AlMiraj

I am already depressed by what they will likely do to this.

Aug 22, 9:16 PM by nexist418

ZXEAN said:
No need. We already have Inception by Christopher Nolan.

exactly what I was thinking lol

Aug 22, 8:59 PM by daddyjunkowo

No need. We already have Inception by Christopher Nolan.

Aug 22, 8:06 PM by ZXEAN

hopefully it does not disappoint

Aug 22, 8:05 PM by deg

Hoping for the best I guess

Aug 22, 7:41 PM by Blue_Maroon

Well, if we look at previous Western live-action adaptions, and at the director's past projects...
This is going to be either really good, or really bad.

Aug 22, 7:21 PM by Ragon_Qc